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Celebrity houseguest leaves Big Brother

Celebrity houseguest leaves Big Brother

Celebrity houseguest leaves Big Brother


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Comedian Chris Kattan has left the Big Brother house.

There is no official word if Kattan has left the house for good or if his departure is a temporary but it seems like he won’t be returning.

“Chris’ situation will be addressed on Friday’s show,” a CBS spokesperson told GlobalTV.com in an official statement.

Kattan sent out a tweet Wednesday night confirming that he is no longer in the house.


Houseguests have left the house for medical attention and returned in the past such as when houseguest Christmas Abbott broke her foot during the first week of season nineteen, was permitted a hospital stay, voted from her hospital bed and returned to the game.

On the 24/7 live feeds from the house Kattan was absent for most of Wednesday, although his photo on the picture wall seemingly remains in colour signaling he is not officially gone from the game…at least not yet. It is not known if Kattan’s neck which was giving him some trouble in the house is the reason for his departure. Kattan broke neck during a skit years ago on Saturday Night Live and has had five surgeries since to correct various spinal issues.

On Tuesday’s live eviction show Kattan was on the block and expressed his desire to leave when he was supposed to be convincing his fellow houseguests to keep him in the game and not vote him out.

“I love you all and I think it is time for me to move on,” Kattan told everyone to their surprise.

He then addressed houseguest Mirai who was sitting beside him in the eviction chairs.

“You have been very dedicated to playing this game and it is important to you. I have seen that for a couple of weeks now. You should stay and I should move on,” he said.

“Well, Chris Kattan, that is an unusual speech. I don’t know if it is reverse psychology but let’s see how it works out for you,” said host Julie Chen-Moonves.

Evicted houseguest Mirai tweet this out in response to the news:

Kattan fans tweeted their disappointment.