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Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominations Meltdown

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominations Meltdown

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Nominations Meltdown


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

One of this week’s nominees has had a breakdown in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

HOH (Head of Household) Ariadna Gutiérrez has nominated Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow. That sent Shannon into a tailspin.

Sitting in the HOH bed and intermittently crying, Shannon faced some of the others while seeking answers about why the house had apparently turned on her.

Shannon couldn’t understand why she is considered such a threat when she isn’t a challenge beast compared to the others.

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Omarosa [Manigault] is a superfan. Marissa [Winokur] is a superfan. Ross [Mathews] is a superfan. They know the game too,” said a confused Shannon to Brandi Glanville and Marissa.

Brandi accused Shannon of having a deal with everyone in the house.

“No, I didn’t,” said Shannon, speaking the truth.

“That is what it seemed like,” responded Brandi.

Shannon still stands by her decision to flip the vote on Chuck Liddell as she knows Omarosa was making a deal with Chuck.


“I still believe that. I don’t care what she (Omarosa) says,” insisted Shannon.

She accused everyone of throwing her under the bus. Brandi denied that.

“When nobody is looking me in the eye, it is obvious what is going on and it is not fair when I have had everyone’s back,” Shannon said.

“Everyone saw you as a target from the get-go,” explained Brandi.

“I feel like an outcast and that nobody gives a s—t that I am here. I have been a target since day one and I don’t what I can do to make people like me,” said Shannon crying.

“You have to understand that everyone here loves you as a person,” said Brandi trying to comfort her.

“I am glad a final four means something to you guys,” Shannon scoffed.

“Can you not be in here for this?” said Shannon to Omarosa as she entered the HOH room.

When Omarosa didn’t leave but instead sat down, Shannon elected to address her first.

“The things you said to me in the room that night were very hurtful,” she said.

Omarosa explained that all she did was point out that Shannon was playing an underhanded game.

“…and you pulled another card that is completely untrue. It doesn’t even need to be repeated because it is not true and you said some things that were completely inappropriate,” said Shannon perhaps referencing Omarosa’s comments about race in the house. Shannon accused Omarosa of being a liar.

“When I was on the block, I was gracious. I was respectful and I spoke to people,” said Omarosa stating that she didn’t want the game to interfere with their friendship in the house.

“What you said to me was not gracious or respectful,” Shannon shot back.

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