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Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: New HoH is crowned, Omarosa injured

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: New HoH is crowned, Omarosa injured

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: New HoH is crowned, Omarosa injured


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

TV personality Ross Mathews has become the second HoH of the celebrity season.

During the competition, Omarosa was apparently injured and had to leave the house to seek medical attention. The HoH competition involved being spun around and having to bowl afterwards.

In the HoH room, Ross and Marissa discussed strategy and the competition late into the night. They joked about taking out Meta and Omarosa in the competition. Marissa laughingly said that she put Omarosa in the hospital. They both think Omarosa will return to the house and the game.

Blindsided by Chuck Liddell, Keshia and Omarosa went on the war path against Shannon, demanding answers.

“There is no one person running the group. I had to go with the numbers. Everyone is a part of it,” Shannon explained as Omarosa questioned her in one of the bedrooms after the live eviction show.

“You cannot convince me that Marissa and Brandi are coming up with strategy. That would be laughable to anyone who is a Big Brother fan,” scoffed Omarosa who claimed people are going to turn on Shannon for flipping the vote.

“My target was so big. What do I care? I have to try to last one more week,” Shannon protested saying everyone thought Omarosa, Keshia and Chuck had a side deal.

“I think you became guilty by association and the fact that Brandi caught you talking to Chuck made us think it must be the three of them,” she said.

According to Shannon, Keshia trying to force her into using the PoV, also factored into her decision.

“You are going to come across as the scheming, conniving, bitchy chick,” said Omarosa. “The thing you are striving for, your comeback to Hollywood, you are working against it.”

Shannon didn’t respond, instead just she nodded her head. She then accused Keshia of lying to the alliance.

“Why do I have a knife in my back when I made an alliance with you?” asked Omarosa wanting to know why she wasn’t told of the blindside vote.

A not too sunny Keshia then entered the bedroom.

Omarosa told Keshia that the entire scenario was centred around her.

“After you asked us not to say anything and then you went behind our backs and did exactly that,” said Shannon.

Keshia accused Shannon of having a deal with Mark.

“You may think I do but I don’t and you can bring him in here,” replied Shannon.

“You do have a deal with everyone in the house and you are not going to convince me otherwise right now,” said Keshia insisting that all she was doing was protecting the alliance.

“You should have let us in on the plan then,” concluded Shannon.

Keshia said she has played a very up front and a very honest game to protect the alliance.

“Just take all of this as smoke and mirrors, the threat was James and if there was something, why didn’t you call me out?” asked Keshia.

“Marissa tried to and you walked out of the room this morning,” answered Shannon.

“If this is what you need to believe to feel okay, that’s fine,” said Keshia as she left the room.