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Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Brandi and Marissa clash

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Brandi and Marissa clash

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Brandi and Marissa clash


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Brandi Glanville has become Public Enemy No. 1 in the Big Brother house.

Nominated along with Ariadna by this week’s Head of Household, Mark, Brandi is on everyone’s hit list.

Right before bed last night, Brandi and Marissa argued back and forth. Brandi accused Marissa of not defending her when James was speaking badly of her just minutes before in the bathroom with some of the other Houseguests. James and Brandi haven’t gotten along since the start of the series with each claiming the other is the one who has issues.

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“I wasn’t listening to them,” said Marissa who insisted she was just in the bathroom brushing her teeth at the time and wasn’t part of the conversation James was having.

“That’s not true,” replied Brandi. “I saw the whole thing.”

“Brandi, I wasn’t saying anything. I was literally just listening to him,” answered Marissa as she folded her clothes.

“It is fine,” said Brandi bluntly as she went inside and Marissa continued to take her laundry out of the drier.

The Houseguests argued back inside the house.

Marissa said she was nodding because she was listening to what James had to say not that she was agreeing with any of his thoughts or opinions.

“He was just saying he doesn’t want to walk around with his tail between his legs anymore,” said Marissa.

“I do get that,” said Marissa.

“I am talking about him attacking me,” replied Brandi.

“I wasn’t saying you were wrong or right or he was right or he was wrong,” said Marissa.

Brandi agreed that James should always speak his mind and not be afraid to do so around her.

“He just said he has been feeling bad about it for three weeks,” explained Marissa.

“Did you not tell him what you said about him? Like, how he gets super cocky? Did you just shake your head and say it is all Brandi’s fault?” said Brandi starting to get teary-eyed.

“I don’t think anything is your fault at all,” said Marissa.

Eventually, Brandi and Marissa let the conversation fade as they got ready for bed.

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