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Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Recap & Highlights : Episode 1

Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Recap & Highlights : Episode 1

Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Recap & Highlights : Episode 1


Aaand we’re back for another round of Celebrity Big Brother! Are you ready?

From the start, we knew we were in for an exceptionally petty season as soon as Julie introduced herself as “Julie Chen Moonves.” If you thought that was a phase, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The first batch of celebs were ushered into the house starting with Olympic bad boy Ryan Lochte, Canadian comedian Tom Green, and star witness Kato Kaelin, who always seemed to be checking over his shoulder as if O.J. Simpson could appear at any moment. Hey, it’s a possibility. Joining them were the female powerhouses – Lolo Jones (whose virginity woes is really quite adorable), Tamar Braxton (who has a fascinating ability to say everything we’re thinking), and former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie, who’s really going to struggle to keep a low profile with that purple hair.

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We began with the inaugural ooh-ing and aah-ing of the Big Brother House. Seriously, you’d think these celebrities would be used to nice things, but who can blame them? Big Brother really went all out for their Season 2 celebs with an apparent luxurious 1940s New York City theme. After checking out the pad, the houseguests gathered for some friendly chit-chat. Lolo Jones and Ryan Lochte casually spoke about knowing each other from the Olympics as if it were summer camp. Kato made things awkward by revealing his part in the O.J. Simpson trial as Tamar nervously stuffed her face with grapes, which was probably to keep her from saying what she really wanted to say.

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Then it was time for the next group of celebrities to move in! We have  Blossom’s Joey Lawrence, who seems to illicit the same reaction from everyone he meets which is probably annoying for him (whooaaa!), Momager Dina Lohan (who really needs to explain what happened with Lindsay’s career), and Johnathan Bennett, better known as Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls. Seriously, can we just refer to him as Aaron Samuels? Next, we have Kandi Burress who’s known for her shadiness on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Judging from her fake “hello” to Tamar Braxton, she’s bringing all that shade over to the Celebrity Big Brother house, which we’re not opposed to. We also have former NFL-er Ricky Williams, and of course….The Mooch. After Omarosa’s tea-spilling in Season 1, Donald Trump definitely hates whoever is responsible for casting this show.

After some champagne and glass-clinking, Julie Chen appeared to dampen the mood, as she does. “Expect the unexpected,” she said. And by now, everyone kind of expects that she’s going to say that…well, everyone except Scaramucci. The Mooch wasn’t too thrilled that Julie interrupted guns blazing to introduce the first twist of the night. Excuse me, sir, but do you know where you are? The houseguests were to compete in their first HOH challenge in an Old-Hollywood themed competition that involved full costume, swingsets, and overflowing champage. Everyone head to the backyard!

The houseguests chose their partners, leaving Kato and Natalie as last choice, and relegating them to cheer on the sidelines.  Julie declared them safe for the week, which softened the sting. Once the competition got started, it took so long for the houseguests to figure out how to swing that it almost seemed like someone on the Big Brother production team messed up in building the competition. Eventually, the super-athlete Ryan Lochte figured out that slow and steady wins the race, and was the first to get his swing to gain momentum. From there, the other houseugests caught on, but it didn’t help them to look less of a bumbling mess. In the end, it was a showdown between the Lolo Jones/Tom Green team and the Ryan Lochte/Johnathan Bennett team. Ryan stayed true to his mantra “We gotta keep Ryan Lochte off the blockte,” and secured the HOH win with his partner Johnathan.

Congrats were in order, but for who? Julie interrupted once again to announce that there would be a showdown between the winning HOH team – one person will be HOH, and one will be a nominee for eviction. Yikes. You mean they did all that work just to possibly be a nominee?

Who gets crowed HOH, and who gets put on the block? You’ll have to find out Tuesday, Jan 22nd at 8 ET/PT on Global! If you miss it, catch up on the Global TV app or GlobalTV.com!

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