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Celebrity Big Brother Episode 3 Recap: Lolo Jones & Ryan Lochte Turn On Each Other

Celebrity Big Brother Episode 3 Recap: Lolo Jones & Ryan Lochte Turn On Each Other

Celebrity Big Brother Episode 3 Recap: Lolo Jones & Ryan Lochte Turn On Each Other


The episode begins with Ryan’s nominees accepting that they’re now on the chopping block, all at risk of being Season 2’s first evicted houseguest. In the diary room, Ryan goes through his reasoning – Anthonys smart, Tom’s a sleeper, and Johnathan is a default nominee. Poor Anthony can’t catch a break – doesn’t matter if it’s the White House or the Big Brother house, he only seems to last only a few days.

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Lolo, who’s starting to emerge as a ring leader, connects the dots and the underlying meaning in Ryan’s nominations. Why didn’t “Diana” go on the block like Ryan said she would? (Seriously though, the houseguests need to stop calling Dina “Diana” because it’s getting a little disrespectful.) The question lights a fire under Natalie and Tamar, who start to wonder if they’re truly in an alliance with Ryan and Johnathan. They’re also well aware that Johnathan didn’t want Dina on the block and signaled Ryan before his nomination speech. “Who’s HOH is this?” Tamar asks. It’s true, Johnathan and Ryan are in a sub-alliance, but the bromance is a little too obvious.

And so the tension begins… As Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are working out, Johnathan walks in, seemingly wanting to hang out. The girls take it as a spy game, as they continue to paint a picture of Johnathan as an evil Big Brother mastermind. It becomes so awkward that Johnathan leaves. The girls erupt with their conspiracy theories until finally Tamar says it – let’s get rid of him. Natalie argues that the need they numbers. Is this the right time?

Later, Natalie excitedly approaches Lolo in the bedrooms to brainstorm a final two name. A few seconds later she realizes that Tamar is lying on the bed listening. Awkward. To be fair, Tamar’s clothing blended into the sheets pretty well, but like Natalie said, rule number one: always check the rooms before having secret conversations. There really isn’t an easy way to lie their way out of this, but Natalie tries anyways by saying that she meant to say “final three” and not “final two.” Right. Tamar says she’s not mad, but things go left when she jokingly tells Lolo that she’ll punch her in the throat for insinuating that she has a final two deal with Kandi. Lolo gets defensive, which is turning into a defining trait of hers, telling Tamar she doesn’t appreciate being spoken to like that. Tamar tries to smooth things over by saying she was joking, but just like that, the awkward final two conversation disappears. It could have been a genius move on Lolo’s part.

Next, in the HOH room, Tamar points out that she doesn’t like how close Johnathan and Ryan are getting. It’s clear they have a final two. Ryan and Johnathan walk in, and almost immediately, the girls silently walk out. Seems a little harsh-  they could at least pretend to be friends. Ryan and Johnathan know something’s up, so Ryan threatens to backdoor one of them. Johnathan farts excitedly in agreeance. Later in the kitchen, Lolo walks in on Johnathan and Ryan and mentions their final two, flipping off their photos on the wall. “Her just doing that, just ruined it,” Ryan says. Welp, guess that alliance is officially over.

Fast forward to the veto competition, Anthony, Johnathan, Tom, Joey, and Ryan, are playing in a cowboy-inspired competition. Find out how the veto comp went down below:

Ricky wins the power of veto! But where does he fit in in all of this? Seems pretty obvious he won’t use it, but that doesn’t stop him from stirring up trouble before he makes his neutral choice. Ryan makes his pitch to Ricky – all the guys should align against the girls (rookie idea), and Lolo should go on the block as a backdoor nominee (rookie mistake). Ricky takes that information right to Lolo as part of his “let me stress everyone out” strategy. When Natalie hears about Ryan’s plan, she puts on her Wrestlemania face as the two girls become determined to take Ryan down.

Somewhere in between all of this, Tamar and Kandi get into a catfight. About what? Who knows. The drama all happened before they entered the house. All we need to take from this is that these two don’t get along.

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At the veto ceremony, Ricky predictably doesn’t use the Power of Veto. Looks like Lolo’s safe, but the damage is done. How will the tension between these two teams pan out, and who will be the first evicted from the house? Find out, Friday at 8 ET/PT on Global TV, or catch up on the Global TV App or GlobalTV.com!