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Ramses Soto Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: “Josh is a Meatball”

Ramses Soto Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: “Josh is a Meatball”

Ramses Soto Big Brother 19 Exit Interview: “Josh is a Meatball”


By John Powell – GlobalTV


The adventures of Ramses Soto in the Big Brother house are over.

The cosplay artist and comic book fan was voted out when the house turned on Jessica booting Ramses instead of her intended target, Josh.

Fans were confused when the admitted Big Brother superfan didn’t campaign as hard as he could to stay. Ramses says there was a reason why he held back.

“Mostly that was because when you’re on the block it’s a really hard balance between not wanting to stir things up, because that could flip the target on yourself. So, I took people at face value and made sure people we’re on my side. I was going to get the votes but I didn’t want to get too crazy because maybe that would get me out that week,” he said.

What confused Ramses were the house politics. Although he seemed to get along with everyone, many citing him as their “kid brother”, when it came to strategy and alliances, Ramses seemed to be in the dark.

“I feel like I was starting to have a good relationship with everyone in the house. With gameplay, I was confused where everyone was at. You just don’t know where people’s heads are. I feel like my game rapport with the other Houseguests was not very good but my personal connections, I did really well with them,” he observed.


Now that he is out of the house, Ramses had nothing but praise for the way veteran player Paul is manipulating the other Houseguests. Ramses believes Paul will do well but as far as the overall winner is concerned, Ramses has a very different personal favourite.

“I think Paul is pretty much running the house. He has a great game rapport with every single Houseguest which makes him get personally closer with other Houseguests and he has a very good personal connection with everyone. Nobody is gunning for Paul and he is literally on everyone’s side in the house. He’s really going to make it far because nobody is going to be gunning for him because they think he’s on their side. I have a feeling Elena is going to make it far, I’m rooting for Elena,” he confessed.

When it comes to fellow Houseguest Josh, Ramses did not mince his words. In his mind, Josh is the worst player in the house.

“Josh is a meatball. I don’t know what is wrong with that kid but it has kept him in the house. Paul is keeping him in the house because he’s such a bad player,” said Ramses.

Comparing Elena to the X-Men’s Mystique because she can blend in with anyone in the house, Paul to Professor X because “he’s in everyone’s mind”, Mark to The Hulk and Kevin to the Batman baddie Two Face because “he has that hit man, mobster vibe”, Ramses enjoyed living out his dream of playing Big Brother but it was a big leap from his living room couch to the sofa in the Big Brother house.

“What surprised me the most it’s absolutely completely different than what it seems like when you’re watching the show at home. You’re literally in a house with a bunch of people and how do you react to that? It’s a weird experience from being a superfan and watching and being in the house and experiencing it,” he said.

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