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Big Brother winner dedicates win to family

Big Brother winner dedicates win to family

Big Brother winner dedicates win to family


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

He just might be the most controversial Big Brother winner since Dick Donato, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin or Jun Song.

Jackson Michie, the bartender from Los Angeles, was declared the winner of season 21 on last night’s finale.

While Jackson is thrilled about coming out on top, his victory was marred in controversy as is his time in the house.

GlobalTV.com sat down with Jackson to have him clarify some important lingering issues and tells us what the future has in store for the only true showmance to ever sit side-by-side in the finals of Big Brother USA.

John Powell: First of all, congratulations Jackson!

Jackson Michie: “Thank so much and thanks for having me!”

John Powell: Last night was a real roller coaster ride for you in so many ways. How are you feeling today?

Jackson Michie: “Oh, man. Like you say, it was a roller coaster and as I have had time to settle in and absorb it, it is a relief to be done with this process. It is a relief to know that I have finally won. It was an experience like any other. To say that I played Big Brother is incredible. To say I won Big Brother is unbelievable. I am glad it is all over and I am ready to move on.”

John Powell: We heard you mention your mother in the house many times. What was it like to have your mother and father at the finale last night? I am sure they gave you a lot of support.

Jackson Michie: “Oh, man. I love my parents more than anything. I was there for my family. I did this for them. Hearing them say they love and support me is all that I needed. I am just very grateful and blessed to have the family I do.”

John Powell: During the finale there was some accusations made against you and others from former houseguests. Do you have anything else to say regarding those issues?

Jackson Michie: “I am the type of personality that people love or love to hate. I am very intense. I am very aggressive. I know that about myself. I know there are a lot of areas I have to work on. I am the first one to admit when I am wrong. I make a lot of mistakes. I am far from perfect.”

“Everything I have done is strictly game. Age, race, gender, sexual-orientation, none of those things ever came into play. I know I need to be more sympathetic and softer, especially when speaking to women, but I treated everyone like equals.”

John Powell: You have talked about this before but there still is some confusion about why you nominated Cliff, David, Jessica and Kemi when you were Camp Director. Can you explain the reasoning behind your decision?

Jackson Michie: “It was very simple. I remember sitting in the living room and when they asked to pick a Camp Director, three people raised their hands. I was the fourth. I was the last one to do it. It took a lot of strength and courage for me to do it. So, the fact that three people did it before me told me that they might be threats to my game. It told me they are leaders. They are socially strong. They are willing to lead the house. Who should I nominate? The three people who volunteered because they might be the biggest threats to my game.”

“When it came to Kemi, she didn’t campaign at all. She took a shower and was brushing her teeth. She was very carefree which said to me she didn’t care about being in the house. I nominated her because she didn’t even campaign. It was all game.”

John Powell: When I spoke to Tommy he called your lie “genius”. Have you spoken to Tommy since you have been out of the house?

Jackson Michie: “Tommy and I are boys. We love each other. As soon as I saw him on stage I ran over and gave him a big old hug. We are going to be boys outside of the house. He is one of my favourite people and it broke my heart to do what I did. There is no love lost.”

John Powell: Looking back do you have any regrets about how you played the game?

Jackson Michie: “I wish I would’ve voiced my opinions more honestly in the Diary Room. I was in an alliance of eight that I was not a fan of. Holly and I both were very uncomfortable in that alliance. Everything I did was to boost the egos of Jack, Christie, the loud people so they would be bigger targets than me. I was with them because I had to be. They had the numbers. I didn’t like the game they were playing or the decisions they were making. “

John Powell: Do you have any plans for the money?

Jackson Michie: “I am only taking 7 percent out of the money. There are some necessary expenses I have like I need a new car. I totaled my car just weeks before I moved into the house. The rest is going to my family, savings and investments.”

John Powell: You have set some Big Brother records this season. For example, you are now tied in second place with Paul for the most HoH and PoV wins in a single season. How do you feel about that?

Jackson Michie: “Really? Wow. I did my best to hide my cards at the start of the game. Short-term memory is my biggest weakness. I don’t do well when it comes to detail. In BB Comics, the attention to detail threw me off. At the beginning of the game, if I had competed as I wanted to I wouldn’t have made it more than two or three weeks. I had to throw those comps and appear as the dumb jock.”

John Powell: What does the future hold for you and Holly?

Jackson Michie: “Our future plans are going to Disneyland and Bora Bora. She and I live 30 minutes away from each other in Los Angeles. We never met each other before the game but we live very close and we are going to be inseparably close whether we are in a relationship or not. She has a special place in my heart. We will be best friends for the long haul. We are not going to force a relationship outside of the house. We have two very different lives and I want her to be happy. So, if our lives are able to be side-by-side, that’s great. “