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Big Brother Spoilers: Veto causes pandemonium in the house

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto causes pandemonium in the house

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto causes pandemonium in the house


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Unfortunately for her Danielle could very well be the hardest working HoH since Cody Nickson held the power in season 19.

Over the weekend, Danielle nominated David and Kevin for eviction. David then used his Disruptor Power taking himself off the block. Danielle nominated Tyler in his place.

At today’s veto ceremony Da’Vonne used the power to take Kevin down forcing Danielle to name another nomination. She picked Ian. Either Ian or Tyler will be evicted this Thursday.

“It is okay. I trust people. I trust you. You got your veto. I am very happy for you. I played in the veto. I had a chance to win. I didn’t. It is fair. It probably wouldn’t have been fair to put up people who didn’t get to play. Did I know this was coming? No, but it is okay. It is how the game plays,” Ian told Kevin in the backyard after the ceremony.

“Congratulations on being saved,” Nicole piped in.

“I am happy for myself but I am sad for you,” Kevin said to Ian.

Christmas wasn’t impressed by Da’Vonne’s speech at the ceremony.

“Her speech was so much. I get it. It is your first win. That’s fantastic. You want to use what you have,” Christmas told Nicole.

Christmas also correctly believes that David had the Disruptor Power and used it to save himself. David used the power in secret.

“You look at the series of events and there is no way it wasn’t his,” she concluded.

Memphis met with a nervous Danielle before the veto meeting to give her his perspective on things.

“I am going to tell you what I think, really quick. Obviously, it is your decision. I think you should just let her do whatever she is going to do,” he said.

“Don’t do anything?” she asked.

“You are overplaying the game. I went to bed and I slept on it. I get everything that you are saying but the end result is almost the same as if you don’t do anything,” Memphis said. “Put up whomever you want to put up and us five remaining people vote and we’re going to look like the bad guys. You are still in a good light.”

Nicole also spoke with Danielle about the chances of convincing Da’Vonne not to use the veto.

“She said she didn’t want to use it but then kept on coming up with reasons why she should,” said Danielle about her chat with Da’Vonne.

“You know you cannot give Ian a vote, right?” said Danielle.

“We can find a plan to give him a vote,” Nicole replied.

“No, you can’t. How are you going to give him a vote?” Danielle asked.

“Let me think about it,” said Nicole.

“No, Nicole. You can’t give him a vote. If you vote for him that is four votes and I would have to break the tie,” said Danielle.

“I know that. I won’t do that to you,” Nicole promised.

Danielle explained that Kevin warned Da’Vonne that if she doesn’t use the veto on him she won’t get his jury vote and she isn’t his true friend.

“He is a bitter jury member, a poor sport and not your friend. She doesn’t care. That is all she is worried about, him,” said Danielle of Kevin.

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