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Big Brother Spoilers: PoV win spreads chaos in the house, houseguest DQ’d from competition

Big Brother Spoilers: PoV win spreads chaos in the house, houseguest DQ’d from competition

Big Brother Spoilers: PoV win spreads chaos in the house, houseguest DQ’d from competition


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

HoH Monte and Turner thought they had the game on cruise control but it seems Brittany has thrown a wrench into their plans.

The houseguests were woken up early on Saturday morning to compete in an earlier than normal Power of Veto competition.

It was revealed on the live feeds that Brittany won the Power of Veto and because she did, that guarantees her a spot in the final four.

Since she was nominated by Monte along with Alyssa that means that Monte now must pick between his parachutes, his allies, Taylor and Turner as to who he is going to nominate in Brittany’s place.

That could cause some distension and friction in the ranks.

The competition appears to be an individually timed one that shocked the houseguests. After being woken up they had two minutes to get ready for the competition.

It seems that Monte didn’t make it down to the competition in time and he was disqualified.

“They wanted us to scramble,” said Brittany.

“Congratulations Brittany! You are in the final four!” said Alyssa to Brittany as everyone gathered in the kitchen afterwards.

“You are locked in,” said Monte.

“Middle of the night competition. That is f—–g insane!” said Taylor.

Taylor chatted with Taylor in the storage room afterwards.

“You have had me really scared all week,” Taylor said to Brittany.

“It was hard when Michael left. It felt like everyone distanced themselves from me. I don’t know what to think. I need to talk to everyone,” replied a confused but elated Brittany.

“I wanted to talk to you because everyone was telling me you were throwing me under the bus,” said Taylor.

“Why didn’t you bring that to me?” asked Brittany.

“The things they were saying were things that only I told you,” said Taylor.

Brittany told Taylor that it is seems to her that Taylor elected to believe other people over her.

In the HoH room, Monte and Turner spoke about what a crazy day it has been already in the Big Brother house.

“That was the most f—-d up thing of all time,” said Turner to Monte.

Turner was upset that he screwed up at the end of the competition and lost by a hair to Brittany.

“Me being so close to that win was very defeating,” said Turner.

“How are you feeling? That sucks that you could not play,” Turner asked.

“I am beating myself up about it because I could have definitely made it downstairs in time. I thought I have two minutes. I can pee, put in my contacts and go downstairs. It was two minutes. It wasn’t even a long piss…” said Monte before the feeds switch off their conversation.

When the feeds returned Monte assured Turner that he isn’t going on the block. Taylor is.

“The only thing they are plotting is putting me up,” said Turner about Brittany and Taylor having their separate meeting downstairs.

“..and you are not,” said Monte.

“Thank you, dude,” said Turner.

“I am telling you this as a person and a human, you are not going up,” Monte reiterated.

“Thank you,” said Turner again.

“I just thought about this all morning. I didn’t even go back to sleep. Why would I put you up? I don’t feel those two would make the decision to keep you over Alyssa especially now that you have Michael on your resume. I have also been pondering about this whole girls thing. They say Alyssa brought it up then Brittany is putting it on Taylor. Taylor is putting it on Alyssa. If you are gone, I am done next week,” said Monte.

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