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Big Brother Spoilers: Noms and new powers revealed

Big Brother Spoilers: Noms and new powers revealed

Big Brother Spoilers: Noms and new powers revealed


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

There were no tidings of joy for Da’Vonne and Bayleigh today.

HoH Christmas nominated the pair for eviction ending speculation in the house as another mystery unfolded when Big Brother held the BB Basement Competition.

Although not shown on the feeds the competition was in complete darkness and awarded three game-changing powers to three lucky winners.

Two of the powers are not a secret any longer.

Christmas disclosed her win and power to Tyler as they spoke in the HoH room.

“They (the producers) said I can tell whoever I want. You are the only person,” whispered Christmas.

“I have not said anything. I never will say anything,” promised Tyler.

“It is called the Blocker. The way it works is for the next three veto ceremonies and if someone wins the veto, uses the veto, I can block me going up as a replacement nominee,” said Christmas informing Tyler.

“So, you cannot be backdoored,” smiled Tyler.

“Here is the other catch, if I win the veto and I pull someone off the block I can use the Blocker to protect someone else,” grinned Christmas.

Christmas floated the reasons she was nominating Da’Vonne and Bayleigh by Tyler.

“The reason I want to put them up is because they are an alliance. I respect Da’vonne’s game. I don’t her to feel this a game attack on her. I just don’t want that much of an emotional player on the jury,” said Christmas.

Tyler let Christmas know that he and Cody also want Bayleigh out of the house. Christmas doesn’t think Bayleigh can control her emotions. Tyler warned Christmas that when Bayleigh doesn’t get what she wants she lies and pitches a fit.

“She cannot control herself in the game, ever,” said Tyler.

Dani also won a power and disclosed it to several houseguests. The power allows the outgoing HoH to play in the HoH competition.

It is unknown at this time who has the third power or what it might be.

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