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Big Brother Spoilers: It Is Good To Be King(s)

Big Brother Spoilers: It Is Good To Be King(s)

Big Brother Spoilers: It Is Good To Be King(s)


By John Powell  – GlobalTV.com

The Kings are ruling the Big Brother house.

The King’s Team has won HoH for the second week in a row as Christian took home the crown on the live eviction show.

The entire team celebrated in the storage room after the competition.

“I am so happy you won! Do what you feel is right. We will support you 100 per cent,” said Sarah Beth.

Xavier reminded Christian they are all there for support. He picked their brains during his HoH.

“I cannot wait to see you cry. There is nothing wrong with tears, buddy,” laughed about Christian getting a letter and pictures from his family as part of his HoH reign.

“You have a win in every competition. You are the male Janelle,” he continued.

“Who is Janelle?” asked Christian.

Christian said he didn’t want to read his letter in front of everyone.

“I know my mom is going to say the sappiest s—t,” he said.

Brent Champagne, the 28-year-old flight attendant from Rhode Island, was unanimously voted out of the house.

He claimed to host Julie Chen-Moonves that he was not surprised at all by the results of the vote even though all week long he was telling the other houseguests that he had the numbers on his side.

“To be honest, I am not shocked. It was the right play. If they didn’t get me out I was going to create a lot of havoc,” he said.

Brent stated he never had a chance from the moment he entered the house.

“It is a game of betrayal. I had a target on my back since Day One. It doesn’t go away naturally,” he said.

Chen-Moonves revealed that this weekend’s Wildcard Competition would be the final one of the season.