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Big Brother Spoilers: ‘I am going to piss some people off’ says nominee

Big Brother Spoilers: ‘I am going to piss some people off’ says nominee

Big Brother Spoilers: ‘I am going to piss some people off’ says nominee


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

One nominee couldn’t stop crying and the other is planning to cause some drama.

HoH Kyland nominated the Jokers’ Britini and Frenchie for eviction.

When the ceremony was complete and the live feeds returned Britini was weeping and Frenchie was on the war path.

“So much for being an honest damn person in this house! You actually tell the truth and this is what you f—–g get?” shouted Britini through the tears.

“Keep the focus on me and just lay low. I am going to blow some s–t up!” Frenchie said standing in front of her and holding her by the shoulders.

Frenchie said he was okay with going home. He would get to see his family after all.

Frenchie instructed the Jokers to also lay low and let him be the target.

“If anyone is going to ruffle feathers it is going to be me,” he said.

“So, I am on the block because I sit back and observe people?” Britini said continuing to sob.

“I am going to piss some people off! Let me fall on this sword so you don’t have to,” said Frenchie stating that if he won Big Brother he was donating most of his winnings to a children’s hospital.

“If I win the veto it is going around your neck,” Frenchie promised Britini hugging her.

As the Jokers were licking their wounds the other houseguests were gathered around the memory wall.

“That was tough. He handled that really well. He didn’t stumble one time. He spoke really well. He didn’t stop. He didn’t stumble. He meant that,” said Tiffany to the others complimenting Kyland on how he handled the nominations.

Throughout the day, the majority of the houseguests lobbied for Kyland to put Frenchie on the block in their scheduled meetings with him.

Alyssa told Kyland she doesn’t have much trust in Frenchie anymore not only because of his chaotic HoH but he wouldn’t tell her who the other person was who cast a hinky vote this week. Derek K already admitted his vote and role to the house.

“You want the person to remain anonymous but we are supposed to be on a team?” said Alyssa. She told Kyland she hasn’t spoken to him since that conversation.

Hannah revealed to Kyland that it was Frenchie who started a women’s alliance called the “French Kisses”.

“I was thinking I don’t need an all-women’s alliance led by a man. Tell me how that makes sense?” said Hannah.

When it was Brent’s turn in the HoH room he detailed how Frenchie announced that he wasn’t part of the Slaughter House alliance any more.

“Frenchie stormed out of the room and pointed at Whiney’s  face saying he wasn’t working with the other side of the house and he walked by me saying…F—k the Slaughterhouse!” said Brent.

Tiffany advocated getting Brent, Frenchie or Whitney out as she maintained that Brent and Whitney are Frenchie’s minions and they cast the hinky votes. It was really her and Derek K who did so.

“They are a three-headed monster,” she warned insisting that one of those trio needed to go home on Kyland’s HoH. Tiffany claimed Frenchie was faking asthma attacks for sympathy too.

Speaking to Alyssa, Xavier and Derek F in the HoH room last night Kyland laid out his HoH strategy.

“I am going to take emotion out of it and just ride with the numbers. I don’t know what that means in terms of who is going up. What I will say is I think Frenchie did wrong telling so many people that they were good,” he said.

“And you and I understand that the most because he said you and I were good,” replied Alyssa.

Kyland also met with what’s left of the Queens team (Tiffany and Claire) to give them the lowdown.

“Tomorrow my plan is to do either you two or Frenchie, who’s ever available first, for probably like a 20 minute block then one-on-ones with everyone in the house. That’s the plan. I have very few questions. I can’t even make a decision until the Wildcard. I am assuming it can save people,” he explained.

Sarah Beth won this week’s Wildcard competition but elected to stay with the Kings team and therefore didn’t win safety for herself or her team.

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