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Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguests predict doom for nominee

Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguests predict doom for nominee

Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguests predict doom for nominee


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As the live eviction vote nears tonight some houseguests are already predicting the outcome and are blaming that on a nominee’s weak campaign to stay.

Danielle and Da’Vonne sat in one of the bedrooms this afternoon criticizing Keesha’s gameplay.

“Don’t repeat this, Janelle told me Keesha’s pitch, which was never a pitch to me, was that she wants to go after the guys. Obviously, it doesn’t work for me,” said Danielle.

“It is like I was telling Janelle, Keesha is not campaigning to anybody,” replied Da’Vonne.

“…at all,” finished Danielle.

“It is like she doesn’t want to be here,” Da’Vonne surmised.

Da’Vonne explained to Danielle she warned Janelle last night that she is doing more campaigning for Keesha than Keesha is doing for herself.

“It is very weird,” Danielle concluded.

“What I should have asked her is…Why is it so important to you that she stays?” said Da’Vonne.

Both women are surprised Janelle hasn’t come to them offering a women’s alliance.

“She has to have people. Is she going to play alone with Kaysar?” asked Danielle.

Da’Vonne is sure Kaysar, Janelle and Memphis are an alliance.

They agreed to not reveal too much about the vote to either Janelle or Keesha.

“I am going to tell Janelle and Keesha right before it is time to vote. It is what it is. If Janelle knows right now she is going to try and flip this house,” Da’Vonne.

“100 per cent,” said Danielle.

As if she could hear her name being mentioned, Janelle entered the room and the conversation.

“What do you guys want to do? Stick with the house?” Janelle asked.

“As far as I know, everyone in the house is looking to keep Kevin. I have not heard Keesha’s name once,” said Danielle.

“I have already promised Kevin my vote,” claimed Janelle.

The women agreed they will tell Keesha the news later.

“I don’t think we should blindside her week one,” said Janelle.

“I just don’t want to make her cry,” said Danielle.

“I don’t want to go against everyone,” continued Danielle talking about today’s vote.

“No one does,” said Janelle.

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