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Big Brother Spoilers: HoH’s Master Plan Fails

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH’s Master Plan Fails

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH’s Master Plan Fails


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The Cookout is slowly but surely running out of sacrificial lambs to throw on the barbecue.

Power of Veto winner Alyssa used it to save herself today forcing Head of Household Tiffany to select a new nominee. She picked her closest ally Claire to take a seat beside Xavier.

Tiffany attempted to pull a fast one before the meeting. She tried to convince Alyssa not to use the veto so she and ally Xavier would remain on the block but Alyssa wasn’t biting.

Xavier and Kyland spoke in the Coral Bedroom about how the others are probably using the same arguments to get rid of the both of them, not to take them past the final seven.

“Everyone wants us out,” said Xavier.

“Anyone is lying if they are saying anything other than themselves, Azah and Big D in the finals,” replied Kyland.

Xavier then quietly touched base with Alyssa in the bathroom. Alyssa gave him the lowdown saying that they need to be wary of Tiffany because she has Kyland and Claire on her side.

Xavier told Alyssa that she will have to give a speech about using the veto on herself at the ceremony.

“Why do they make you say anything? Of course you are going to use it. You won it and you are on the block,” she laughed about the producers.

“I will just say it is best for my game to use the veto on myself. Do they actually use that speech?” she continued.

“I have no idea,” said Xavier.

After the meeting Tiffany spoke to the cameras, live feed viewers in the HoH room.

“I tried. Maybe I should have tried earlier. My only reservation trying any sooner was she (Alyssa) was going to talk to Xavier. There is no way he wants to lose Alyssa this week, the week after, the week after that,” said Tiffany explaining why she eventually relented to the pressure and put up Claire.

Tiffany had to end the soliloquy as Xavier wanted a word with her.

“I am not mad. I know what Claire means to you. If I was in that position I would probably do the same thing too,” he said about Tiffany’s plan. “It wasn’t easy but you kept your word.”

“I am a woman of my word,” she replied.

It was then time for Azah to have a soliloquy of her own when Alyssa left her alone on the patio after explaining what went on behind the scenes today.

“I feel like scum. She has no idea at all. She has no idea that she is the next target,” Azah said to the cameras.

What the houseguests don’t know is that the next two eviction shows are double evictions.

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