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Big Brother Spoilers: HoH makes their move

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH makes their move

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH makes their move

Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Taylor has made her move, or more accurately, The Leftovers’ next move in the Big Brother game.

Taylor began the day speaking to the cameras giving her reasoning for not targeting Jasmine even though she very much wants to do so over anyone in the house.

“Today is the day I have power and will have to betray my word that I would protect the girls. Why I am so adamant about protecting people that wouldn’t protect me?” she asked sipping her coffee in her HoH robe.

“I would go after her (Jasmine) if I had no conscience. At the end of all of this I have to do things and make decisions that I can live with. It doesn’t make sense for me to come to this game because of the Cookout and then completely abandon everything for that,” she said.

Taylor eventually nominated Terrance and Indy for eviction.

Taylor laid out her entire scheme beforehand to Brittany.

“It will be a plan to backdoor Monte…until Monday,” she said. Insisting that she doesn’t feel too bad about breaking her promise to Indy and Alyssa.

“I don’t give a f—k who goes,” she said.

When the news was broken to Indy she was not pleased.

“It puts me at risk. I wouldn’t use you as a pawn,” she claimed.

Taylor used the pawn reasoning she mentioned to Brittany.

“I wasn’t in power. I didn’t use you as a pawn. Jasmine did,” Indy countered.

Indy expressed her disappointment to Michael after leaving the HoH room.

“I think she is playing me,” said Indy of Taylor.

“I think so,” sighed Michael. “I am not sure what happened between last night and this morning.”

Michael fibbed saying he thought the targets were Terrance and Turner, not Indy.

“We aren’t that close but even then I wouldn’t have put her up,” she said.

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