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Big Brother Spoilers: HoH leaves nominees stunned

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH leaves nominees stunned

Big Brother Spoilers: HoH leaves nominees stunned


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The first nominations of the season have the houseguests in a state of utter confusion.

HoH Frenchie put Alyssa from the Kings team and Kyland from the Queens team on the block.

His original target, Christian, won the Wildcard Competition this week and cannot be nominated. As per his Wildcard power Christian also made Xavier safe too.

Alyssa and Kyland were left stunned and demanded some kind of explanation from Frenchie.

Kyland was the first to corner Frenchie in the HoH room.

“Was that serious what you said, your reasoning?” asked Kyland about the nomination ceremony.

“This season, Julie (Chen-Moonves) said when we came in here there will be big risks and big rewards. I have a gut feeling that this veto is going to have a huge reward,” predicted Frenchie.

“More safety?” asked Kyland.

“I think so,” replied Frenchie.

Frenchie claimed that Alyssa is just “bait” to fry a “bigger fish”.

“This veto is going to be won and it’s going to be put around your neck,” promised Frenchie.

“If there’s a big reward I didn’t want somebody getting this reward that I don’t trust. With the two of us playing there is no way Alyssa is winning. I promise you on everything I love that if I win that veto it’s going around your neck,” continued Frenchie saying he wanted a “strong person” beside him playing veto.

“Why couldn’t you tell me if you trust me?” asked Kyland.

Frenchie stated that he didn’t make up his mind until he opened the key box to make his nominations.

“You are coming off the block and we are frying a big fish,” vowed Frenchie again saying that if Alyssa comes off Derek X is going up in her place.

Kyland pressed Frenchie to reveal who that big fish is. Frenchie admitted it is Christian and taking out Alyssa would get rid of Christian’s closest ally and showmance.

Kyland went to go get Alyssa for her turn to speak to Frenchie but stopped to talk to her first away from prying eyes and ears.

“How did you know you were going up?” Kyland asked Alyssa.

Alyssa whispered she was getting “weird vibes” and a “weird feeling” from Xavier.

Alyssa spoke to Frenchie back in the HoH room.

“I asked you if any alliances were forming and you said no but there is,” said Frenchie accusing her of being in one.

“You and Christian are like this,” he said crossing his fingers.

Frenchie Big Brother

“He’s my teammate!” Alyssa protested also refuting claims she was in a showmance with him.

“I know you and Christian are super close and he’s coming after me,” said Frenchie.

“Christian?” asked a flabbergasted Alyssa.

“I’ve been told multiple times Christian is coming after me,” repeated Frenchie.

“All I have to say is that I was 100 per cent honest with you. We had a good bond over our excitement for the game. I am loyal to my team 100 per cent but no matter what I had your back a 100 per cent. I wasn’t questioning your team, nothing!” she said.

“In order to catch a big fish I had to have the perfect bait. You are the perfect bait,” said Frenchie.

“Basically, you are saying I am the guinea pig to figure everything out for yourself,” said a disappointed Alyssa.

“Right and it sucks it has to be that way,” said Frenchie.

Yesterday Frenchie told Britini, Alyssa, Sarah and Tiffany that: “This is just my preference. I do not under any circumstances want to put up a woman on block this week.”

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