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Big Brother Spoilers: Does Big Brother have its final three?

Big Brother Spoilers: Does Big Brother have its final three?

Big Brother Spoilers: Does Big Brother have its final three?

Taylor Hale. Photo Courtesy: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It seems that besides Monte’s vote next Thursday, Big Brother has its final three.

With Taylor set on nominating Turner and Brittany as well as Monte winning the Power of Veto today and promising Turner his vote to stay, it is appears that this year’s final three will be: Monte, Taylor and Turner.

Taylor’s reasons for nominating Turner and Brittany is that one of them voted against her last night but nobody will admit to it. Brittany is the one who voted for Alyssa to stay.

Taylor held one-on-ones with the remaining players last night starting with Brittany.

“My job is easier now because no matter what happens, if someone wins veto, someone comes down,” she told Brittany.

“That is the fortunate part and the unfortunate part about it. There is no planning. It is just who wins. The only decision to make is if you win and if you want to keep the nominations the same,” replied Brittany.

“Have you thought about what you are going to do?” said Brittany picking Taylor’s brain about the nominations.

“Yeah, I don’t think you are going to like it but it will be you and Turner. I would rather be in a position to take you down or Monte to win veto and take you down,” she answered.

“Really?” said a surprised Brittany wondering why Taylor believes Monte would pull her down.

“I have talked to him about it,” said Taylor.

“Really?” asked Brittany again.

Next up was Monte.

“I am thinking Turner and Brittany go up. One of them didn’t tell me they were switching their vote. Someone is lying. Good luck,” said Taylor.

“By the way, that is what I was thinking as far as the justification goes,” said Monte.

“You know who I prefer in my final three. Turner goes home on my HoH. That’s the only thing on my resume. Please don’t tell him this. I trusted someone with my entire game before. It got all twisted and I ended up on the block. I don’t want to burn any more bridges,” said Taylor.

Finally Turner entered the HoH room. He was crying. He was that Brittany had used his friendship with Alyssa against him all week long.

“For her to leverage my friendship which I care so much about,” he said crying.

“People do some f—-d up s—t in this game,” said Taylor handing him some tissues.

“I am not onboard with Brittany but I would have never done something like that to her no matter how I feel about her,” he said.

“She swears up and down you are a Paul (Abrahamian) or a Tyler (Crispen). You are a master chess, game player,” replied Taylor.

Taylor then revealed her nominations and her reasons to Turner.

“Both of you are telling me you voted to keep me. One of you is lying. Good luck with the veto,” she said of Turner himself and Brittany.

“That is totally fine as long as you, me and Monte have a road to the end,” said Turner.

When the feeds returned after going off this morning though the houseguests were sitting around the kitchen table in basketball gear and Monte had the Power of Veto necklace around his neck.

Turner congratulated Monte saying that competition couldn’t have gone any better as they sat on the patio alone.

“It is like I couldn’t talk because I was so overwhelmed with joy as I am in control of my own destiny! I can now make the decision that I want!” said Monte grateful that Brittany didn’t win it.

“Imagine us having to kiss ass to Brittany? That would have been hell,” sighed Turner.

“I am looking you in the eyes and I am telling you I am taking you to the finals,” Monte promised.

“You have no idea what that means,” said a grateful Turner.

“I wouldn’t be able to stomach evicting you this week, dude. It wouldn’t feel right in my soul or my spirit,” said Monte.

Programming Note: This week, Big Brother will air at 8:30 ET on Sunday night and will not air next Wednesday. Thursday’s live eviction episode will air at its regular time.