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Big Brother Spoilers: Challenge DQ and noms weigh on HoH’s mind

Big Brother Spoilers: Challenge DQ and noms weigh on HoH’s mind

Big Brother Spoilers: Challenge DQ and noms weigh on HoH’s mind

Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Disqualified from today’s Power of Veto competition because he didn’t wake up or get downstairs in time, Head of Household Monte is blaming himself for Brittany’s win this morning. He doesn’t appreciate her gameplay though.

Monte spoke to the cameras after an extended meeting with Brittany during which she did make a veiled threat to him.

“She threatens me by saying that one person who has a vote may not keep you next week because you didn’t do this action to establish trust now?” said Monte shaking his head.

“Threats in the game are one way to go about things. She thinks I am the one who should feel good about being threatened? She clearly doesn’t know s—t about me,” he continued.

Monte then criticized more of her pitch to him.

“I don’t bring up my personal stuff in game conversations in regards to what people should do in regard to my game. We just talk as people. I learn more about you as a person because I care about you as a person. I am not using that for game though. The fact that she did that rubbed me the wrong way,” he said.

Monte also confirmed that he will not nominate Turner when Brittany uses the Power of Veto on herself.

“Why would I get rid of Turner when he has a bigger target on his back for the following week and he is tight with me so I wouldn’t be the target next week?” he said.

All in all, Monte hopes Brittany leaves next week.

“There are so many red flags in this conversation it is just apparent that she needs to be on the first plane out of here because I am not respecting her game right now,” he said. “It is not good for my game to get rid of Turner in this way. I am not going to do it.”

Taylor interrupted his solo diary room session in the HoH room.

“It f—–g sucks because I wish I could have prevented this. I just have to take responsibility for all that happened this morning and live with that,” he told her.

“You mean not waking up?” she asked.

“Yeah, that part. I have been beating myself up about it but here we are. Brittany is going to take herself down so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this whole decision,” he said.

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