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Big Brother Spoilers: A Veto win strengthens a blindside scheme

Big Brother Spoilers: A Veto win strengthens a blindside scheme

Big Brother Spoilers: A Veto win strengthens a blindside scheme


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

She is the one houseguest who will rule them all…at least for this week.

Jessica, the 37-year-old model from Illinois, is not only this week’s Head of Household she also holds the Power of Veto after winning today’s competition.

On the live feeds, the houseguests discussed the competition as luck of the draw involving spinning in some fashion.

Jessica has nominated Jack and Jackson for eviction.

Those who were in the competition wore shirts with a space shuttle and the words “Area 21 Galaxy Camp” on them.

Nick was a little worse for wear following the competition. He laid down on the bathroom floor as Cliff put a cold cloth to put on his neck and Tommy brought him water and some antacids.

Nick won $5,000 in the competition. Jack and Tommy received punishments.

“You are a champ, dude,” said Jack as he washed his hands and face as he checked on Nick.

In one of the bedrooms,Tommy and Analyse talked about the outcome being the “best case scenario” for them.

“Nick would have used it,” said Analyse of the Veto.

“I don’t have to be in a position where I have to choose, Jack will not be going home and we get to be punished to pay for what we did. It is literally perfect,” agreed Tommy saying the $5,000 will make Nick feel so much better. He has been so depressed since Bella left.

“I am so happy. I am freaking out,” said Tommy celebrating.

“I just feel bad for Holly now,” said Analyse.

“We will take care of her. She won’t have Jackson clouding her mind,” said Tommy.

Jack came into the bedroom collapsing onto a bed. Tommy rubbed and kissed his head. Analyse patted him on the butt.

“You are not going home now,” said Tommy.

“I know. Michie didn’t win,” said Jack.

“I know you are still on the block but this is good,” said Tommy.

Unbeknownst to them, Cliff, Jessica and Nicole were planning something very different in the storage room. They along with some others want to blindside Jack and send him to the jury house this week.

Cliff said he is worried about Nick and Kat’s votes.

“Kat? Why Kat?” asked Jessica.

“We need five votes,” explained Cliff.

“No, we just need four and I am the tie-breaker,” Jessica clarified.

Cliff counted the confirmed votes to boot Jack: Himself, Nicole and Holly.

“Why wouldn’t Kat vote for us? She is with us,” said Jessica.

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