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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 8

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 8

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 8


By: Cristina Deguara – GlobalTV.com

We pick up on Celebrity Big Brother with our celebs holding on for dear life at the courtside competition.

The goal is to be the last one seated while Big Brother showers them with popcorn, t-shirts and balls and tilts their seats in very unnatural and inhumane ways. The first three houseguests who drop out of the competition will get slop for the next 48 hours. Metta and Ross are the first two to go and the game is on.

On the sidelines Ari sings like a canary and reveals to Ross and Metta that Brandi is the one who gave Mark a vote at the last eviction. They can’t figure this one out (which is interesting because neither can I!).

Mark is the third to drop and he’s grabbing his crotch like he left half of it behind on his chair. After an impressive hour of holding on Marissa falls, but as the fourth person out she’s avoided the slop penalty. We’re down to Brandi, Omarosa and James and while James was considering throwing this one, given who’s left he’s ready to fight it out. Could Omarosa win HOH this week? She wouldn’t be my first pick but would definitely make for the most interesting week.

Props continue to rain down on the last three contestants but they’re still holding on with impressive determination. After almost an hour and thirty minutes Brandi drops and now it’s down to Omarosa and James. James looks over like he wants to cut a deal, but before he can open his mouth Omarosa makes him an offer he can’t refuse which is that if he lets her win she won’t put him up this week. Just like that James lets go and Omarosa is the new Head of Household, ready to burn the house down.

For Ari, Marissa, Ross and Brandi this is really the worst case scenario but since none of them could pull out a win they’ve sealed their own fate. If James is smart he’ll just keep his mouth shut and his head down until this hurricane blows over.

Now that the competition is over, Ari tells Marissa and Ross the secret behind Brandi’s vote at the last eviction. James puts two and two together and figures it out as well. Will this make Brandi a target this week? Brandi eventually comes out and tells everyone she voted for Mark because she didn’t want Shannon to feel like everyone hated her and wanted her out.

The houseguests blow it a little (okay, a lot) out of proportion, but her intentions were genuinely to spare Shannon’s feelings and not to protect her own game. Marissa, Ari and Ross however still think that Brandi voted for Mark to keep Shannon on her side and they’re pissed. Holy overreaction. I really think when it comes to this game you have to watch even the smallest moves you make because everyone is looking for any excuse to get you out, even one as petty as this.

Brandi has read the room and decides she doesn’t want to be part of the bully alliance anymore but the three amigos coerce her to stay on. After all, it’s still early in the game and they need the numbers. Brandi concedes but you can tell her heart isn’t in it. The “friends” she trusted in the house flipped on her so quickly that she’s realized the superficiality of their relationships. I’m hoping Ross and Marissa get put up on the block this week and we rid the house of some of this toxicity. The real winners here of course are Metta and Mark who are keeping out of the drama.

Omarosa has an announcement from Big Brother and has everyone has gather in the living room. America will have a vote in the next veto competition which could give a player an advantage but she doesn’t offer up any more in the way of details. Ross is optimistic that this could work in his favor because he knows he’s got a target on his back this week.

As the new HOH Omarosa is now on the hunt to find a few allies. She finds Mark first because he’s on the outs. She makes it clear that Ross is her target and tells Mark that she’ll keep him off the block this week if he’ll protect her next week. Hands are shaken and the deal is done. Omarosa then sets her sights on James and Metta. Neither of the two put up a fight and suddenly it’s Omarosa, Mark, Metta and James as the new power alliance. It’s not the worst plan I’ve heard and with Omarosa as HOH they may be able to pull down the alliance of four that has been controlling the house so far.

In the break viewers are encouraged to vote for the next VETO competition. Their choices are Diamond Veto, VIP Veto or Spotlight Veto – with more details available online. So this is how we can affect the competition.

Omarosa still needs to find a second nominee to she turns to Ari and Marissa to find out who the weakest link among the women is. Marissa and Ari quickly throw Brandi under the bus which gives Omarosa all the info she needs to make her final decision.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. The first nominee is Ross. The second nominee is Brandi. Is Omarosa banking on “saving” Brandi to get her on her side and ultimately grow her new alliance? Brandi needs to realize she isn’t the real target this week and just play it cool. What happens next is going to dictate which one of these strong players will be sent out next.

Tomorrow night we find out which Veto America has chosen to shake up the game in a live episode. Which competition do you hope the house competes in? Leave your comments below.