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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 5

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 5

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 5


By: Cristina Deguara – GlobalTV.com

You know that something funny is going on in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Julie Chen starts fake-coughing in her opening monologue. Real subtle, Julie. We get the hint.


Both Keshia Pulliam and Omarosa are on the chopping block tonight and the wannabe apprentice is on her A game. Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi Glanville make it clear that they’re gunning for Shannon Elizabeth and she’s still the ultimate backdoor target. They’re worried that she and James Maslow have a stronger connection than they’re letting on (and with good reason!).

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Ross Mathews of course has already been trying to figure out how to get rid of Shannon. Right now the plan is that if one of the insiders gets the veto, Keshia will be taken out and Shannon will go up in her place – the perfect plan if only things would ever go as planned. Surprisingly even Shannon’s bestie Marissa Winokur turns her back on her, pegging a big old target on her back.

Omarosa has become the great teller of fairy tales in the house spilling white house secrets and throwing beloved Barack Obama under the bus. For God sakes woman, some things are sacred! I can see why Trump wanted her out of there. Loose lips sink ships, honey. If this were a harbor we’d all be up to our eyebrows in water.


Ross reaches out to Mark McGrath to join Ariadna, Brandi and Marisa to help take down Shannon. Mark is definitely up for it – after all, it’s not him on the chopping block so anyone’s fair game. But can Mark keep quiet long enough to make it happen?

It’s time for the live VETO competition. This competition is called “Now You See It”. Two at a time the celebs face off on trivia questions based on silly photos. It’s sudden death and the last houseguest standing will win the power of VETO. The questions aren’t difficult but under pressure they can be tricky.

The celebs whittle it down to just Omarosa and Marissa. Marissa wins the final battle and the POV. She has a few minutes to decide if she wants to use it or leave the nominations as they are. Just as the cameras are about to cut away Keisha makes a last ditch plea to Marissa – tears and all – to not use it on her because she wants to leave the house! Wait. What?!


At the veto meeting Marissa confirms she will not to use the veto and the nominations stay as-is. The nominees get to state their defense and Keshia comes right out and says her breast milk is depleting and that she wants to go home to her baby. Now in my mind I’m picturing an infant – 2, 3 months old max, desperate for her mother’s touch. But her baby is a year old! One year olds can be pretty self-sufficient. They can walk, they can sing, they can sit up just fine and they can eat solid food! She wishes the other contestants all the best and gives Omarosa an easy in.

The Apprentice wannabe gets all teary-eyed over her very good friend that she’s known only a few days and shares no values with. She urges the guests to appease Keisha’s wishes (so kind!).

This time around Metta World Peace figures out how the vote to evict works and finally gets it right. Not surprisingly Keisha is unanimously voted out and the second celebrity to go home. I guess when the vote is this easy you just take it and run. No need to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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This was a pretty disappointing outcome to what should’ve been a spectacular backdoor. The good news is that Drama-rosa is still in the game so there’s still a lot of fun to be had. This Wednesday,  February 14 we find out who the next HOH (head of household) will be and who the next two will be up on the block.