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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 3

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 3

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 3


By: Cristina Deguara – GlobalTV.com

The first live episode of Celebrity Big Brother packs a punch and delivers the first evictee!

Keshia’s the current HOH and little Rudy has taken this game and made it her own. James Maslow and Chuck Liddell are both up on the block. The girls retreat to the HOH room and give each other hugs and pats on the back and pretty much everything but pull out their pom poms and do a little cheer. Getting James out is still a unanimous effort. For now.

Omarosa corners Keshia Knight Pulliam and offers her up a BGM (Black Girl Magic) alliance. Why can’t people pick alliances on random things, like I don’t know, personality or values? The rationale so far this season has been “I’m going to find someone who looks like me and that’s who I’ll buddy up with.” Maybe not the smartest strategy, guys. Just saying.

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At the POV competition, Shannon Elizabeth, Ariadna Gutierrez and Mark McGrath join James and Chuck in the backyard at the “four sneezes” spiritual spa. Mud, waterfalls and giant concrete noses decorate the set. The contestants need to find hidden letters to see who can spell the longest word. This is a challenge that’s been done before but the noses expelling gooey fluid in the contestants’ faces is a nice new twist. Cue the snot! Hilarity ensues.

Chuck sets out to spell S-P-R-A-I-N. Brandi’s found the champagne and orange juice and is making mimosas for the rest of celebrity spectators. Ariadna’s trying to spell W-A-R-N-I-N-G. If the women were smart they’d team up together to spell one super word but it doesn’t look like this is the case.

In the end, Ariadna has spelled W-A-I-N-G. Sorry, Ari, not a word. Mark has spelled S-O-M-E which sadly puts him in the lead. Keshia has put together P-R-I-M-E-D. Out of nowhere Shannon pulls out R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-E-S and blows snot all over the competition. James couldn’t pull together enough letters for a proper word and Chuck has spelled S-P-A-N-N-E-D; which albeit a half-decent word, is still no match for Shannon.

Shannon, your brains are starting to show and that does not fare well in this game.

Now that Shannon’s won the POV, Keshia wants her to take Chuck off the block and go after Mark. She’s definitely taken lead of this pack. When Ross Mathews and Shannon try to protest, Omarosa stands up for the BGM crew and accuses Shannon of thinking only of herself. And cue the waterworks. Shannon is upset that’s she’s upset the “team”… meanwhile Ross has literally just been told a woman will win this and he’s keeping his senses together.


Later Ross pulls Marissa Winokur aside and tries to have an earnest conversation with her while she’s wearing a ridiculous stuffed husky on her head. Isn’t this filmed in LA? Can we not vote out this stupid hat?

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It looks like smaller alliances are starting to form and that’s exciting. Never underestimate your opponents but even more important, keep your alliances intact. You need to make everyone feel like you’re rooting for them. The minute you’re not, you’re the enemy.

Also, can we talk about their pantry for a second? My Costco has less food variety. Whatever happened to slop? Come on, CBS, we want some slop!

Shannon is now torn and tries to talk things out with Omarosa. Her advice is: “You don’t retreat, you reload.” Apparently, hitting your opponent hard with a surprise attack is something she’s learned this past year from her mentor in the White House. There’s a spark of fire in her eyes and it’s terrifying. This strategy is something she calls “shock and awe”. Now that’s some scary stuff. Honey, you can’t cry about how torturous it was for you under his rule and how terrified you are for the future of America and then quote him like he’s your biggest hero.


Shannon breaks into tears again and honestly this is getting old. If someone disagrees with you, let them! You’re not going to please everyone so why bother trying – and don’t get upset about it!
Will Shannon use the veto and be Keshia’s little minion? At the veto ceremony she follows her gut and leaves Chuck and James on the block. Keshia is pissed. She keeps talking about Shannon prioritizing her game vs the alliance’s game (although what she really means is her game).

I’m hoping this riff is strong enough to shuffle up the alliances and bring some much-needed tension back into the house.

Shannon finally decides that Keisha and Omarosa cannot be trusted. She wants to flip the script and vote Chuck out while maintaining her alliance with the other players.

At the live vote Brandi Glanville and Ariadna vote first and it’s 2 votes for Chuck. Omarosa votes third and it’s one for James. Battle lines are drawn! How will big O and little K react? Ross, Metta, Marissa, Shannon and Mark all vote to evict Chuck. Clearly a new strategy is in play. By a vote of 7-1 Chuck is the first celebrity voted out of the Big Brother house.

Once the vote is announced, Omarosa rushes to the door so that she’s the last one to see Chuck out. In this celebrity edition of Big Brother, all the celebs will get to vote on the winner but are also able to return to the comfort to their own homes. Hmm, tough life.

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On Sunday the next HOH winner will be crowned and we’ll get to relish in the aftermath of today’s events. I can smell blood on the horizon and it’s making me thirsty.