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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 13

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 13

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 13


By: Cristina Deguara – GlobalTV.com

We’re down to the final five celebs but only one will walk away tonight $250,000 richer.

The episode starts at the HOH competition with our fab five suspended on skis holding on for dear life. Omarosa can’t compete and has her fingers crossed that Miss Colombia can pull out a win to save them both. Marissa drops first and it looks so painful that Big Brother plays the clip twice so that we can really savour the moment.

Ari is the second to drop and it’s not looking good for the ladies in the house. With just Ross and Mark left, Ross offers up a deal but Mark’s not biting. Ross offers the deal up again but Mark is holding steady. The skis start swaying and Ross pleads that he just wants a letter from his mom who’s having health issues. On the sidelines Omarosa is doing everything she can to get in the middle of the negotiations and break things up. Mark agrees to the deal and drops like a sack of potatoes.

This is Ross’ second turn as head of household and will guarantee him a spot in the final four. Ross’ plan is to put Ari and Omarosa up with the hope of getting Lady O out. Ross lets Ari in on his plan and she figures out that if Omarosa wins the veto she’ll definitely be the next one out. She makes a final two deal with Ross and suddenly it looks like keeping her around will be very advantageous to his game.

At the nominations ceremony Ross puts up Omarosa and Ariadna as expected. At the veto competition, all the houseguests will compete one at a time to match up correct days with events that took place in the house. The player with the fastest time will win.

Because we can’t see a running timer, it’s impossible to know how the players have ranked. At completion Marissa has scored a full 8 correct (beating Mark’s 6). Ross also got 8 right. Ariadna has a big miss with only 4 right and Omarosa only got 1 right. Since it is a tie between Ross and Marissa it comes down to time. It took Marissa 12:31 to complete the challenge. It took Ross only 5:42 and with that, he has won the power of veto. I’m surprised he has so many final two deals in play. He’s such a strong competitor, definitely not the person you want to be sitting next to at the final two.

Ross chooses not to use the power of veto and it all comes down to the vote. At the live vote Ari’s speech is on pointe. Prior to coming on this show most people only knew her for the flub at the Miss America pageant. Now the world has had an opportunity to see who she really is and I have to say she is beautiful both inside and out. Omarosa’s plea mentions God about 35 times which IMO is probably 34 times too many. Both Marissa and Mark vote Omarosa out and we have our new final four.
It’s time for the final HOH. The celebs will view social media posts from outed houseguests and have to identify which houseguest made an incorrect statement. Each round only has two prior houseguests so the celebs have a 50/50 shot with their picks. It’s a three way tie between Ross, Mark and Marissa. The tiebreaker question is this: “In seconds, how long was the Rocky Mountain fly competition from the moment your skis lifted up until the moment the game officially ended?” Marissa pulls out a win, her first win as HOH. It’s now up to her to decide who she wants to sit next to as the final two.

She’s had an alliance with Ross from the get-go but Ross has been playing an incredible game. Bringing him to the final two would surely guarantee her a loss. The question is, who of the other three contestants does she think she can beat? Personally I don’t think she can beat any so it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Marissa votes to evict Mark and Ari and she’s pretty much sealed her fate as the second place $50k winner.

The voted out celebs now have an opportunity to ask Ross and Marissa questions to help them decide who they’ll vote for. Nothing really spectacular or surprising here. Let’s get to the vote already so we can confirm that Ross has won this thing. One by one the losers vote for who they want to win. The one fun moment here was that we got to see Brandi’s good-bye message to James which was well worth the wait!

We’re ready to read the votes. Mark voted for Ross. Ariadna voted for Marissa. Omarosa voted for Marissa. James voted for Marissa. Brandi voted for Ross. Metta voted for Ross. Shannon voted for Marissa. Keisha voted for Marissa. Chuck voted for Marissa and she is the season’s big winner. I am shocked – definitely didn’t see this coming! She wins $250k and as runner-up Ross is awarded $50k. I guess this is where I take back what I said about her making a big mistake picking Ross and all that.

It’s time to find out who America voted to win the bonus $25,000 prize. The votes are in and it turns out Ross is America’s favourite houseguest. Based on that I’d say there are going to be more viewers who are disappointed by tonight’s win, than excited for it. Such is the game, I guess. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to Big Brother Canada coming up on March 7th featuring real humans. Let’s bring back the slop, people!