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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 11

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 11

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Recap & Highlights – Episode 11


By: Cristina Deguara – GlobalTV.com

Seven celebs are left and it’s double eviction night in the Celebrity Big Brother house!

We pick up with Brandi and Ariadna being nominated for eviction by newly-appointed HOH Mark. Ari is suspicious that Marissa and Ross knew they would be going up and kept quiet. Ross finds the two nominees whispering in the bathroom and asks them if they’re okay. Their response? “We’re fine.” When a woman tells you she’s fine, she is the exact opposite of fine. James lets Ari know that Brandi is the target this week and that even if Brandi wins the POV she’ll be fine. The plan is that if either of them come off Omarosa will go up as the replacement.

It’s evening and the celebs are chilling outside having some wine and Brandi dares the house to say something bad about Julie. Both smart and beautiful, I really don’t think there’s literally one bad thing you could say about her. Her mean-spirited game rubs James the wrong way and they have a few honest words with each other. Now it could be just the wine talking but somehow Brandi thinks she’s been really good to James (these scenes must’ve been edited out) and has saved him twice. James tells her straight out he can’t wait to send her home. Awkward! After they’ve all dispersed Brandi overhears James complaining to Marissa about her and confronts her in a very uncomfortable conversation that just puts a bigger target on her back.

At the veto competition, everyone competes but Ross. The celebs need to figure which faces of the four evicted celebs have been Frankensteined together. The player with the fastest time will win the power of veto. Omarosa goes first and purposely throws the competition. Back in the HOH room, Ross sits back with a feast fit for a king watching the contestants run the course.

Omarosa clocks in with a record-horrible time of 38 minutes. Now that she’s done her run, she joins Ross in the HOH room and tries to convince him to take her to the final two on the basis that if it were down to them, he’d be a shoo-in for the win. Valid argument.

Ariadna is up next and finishes with a time of 9 minutes. Now it’s James’ turn and he goes out full-force with the intention of keeping the POV away from his nemesis Brandi. He reaches Ari’s time without finishing and it’s game over for the former-Nick star. Marissa doesn’t fare any better and now it’s down to Mark and Brandi. Mark can’t come close to Ari’s time. Can Brandi win it and take herself off the block? If she loses, Ari will surely save herself and it’s lights out for the real housewife. But even with the pressure on her she still fails miserably. Ari wins the power of veto and the opportunity to save herself.

In order to get Brandi out, Mark will have to nominate a replacement that no one will want to vote for and that may ruffle a few feathers. He lets James know he plans to put Marissa up in Ari’s place. James is on the board with the plan but my spidey senses tell me Marissa is not going to take this well. At the veto meeting Ari uses the veto on herself, Mark puts Marissa up in her place and the meeting is adjourned.

At the live eviction Ari votes to evict Marissa but all the other votes are for Brandi and she becomes the first evictee in this double eviction night. In her exit interview, Julie dares her to say something bad about her! Savage!

At the live HOH competition the celebs have to answer trivia (as outgoing HOH Mark is not able to participate). It comes down to a tie between James and Omarosa and we go to a tiebreaker question between the two players. It’s an easy win for Omarosa and she’s crowned the new head of household. James has literally come second in every HOH competition. Omarosa has only a few minutes to decide who she’ll nominate for eviction. I’d love to see her put Ross and Marissa up. That power couple have had far too much influence over the house this season.

Omarosa must have been reading my mind because that’s exactly what she does! It’s time for the live veto competition. In the competition, the celebs need to determine which work of art on an art wall is not an exact match to art located elsewhere in the house. Ross is the first one to clock in an answer correctly winning the power of veto. He takes himself off the block and Omarosa puts James up in his place.

Ari is the first to vote and she votes to evict James. James has said that the day Brandi leaves will be his best day in the house but it looks like it might be his shortest day yet. Mark votes next and he votes to evict Marissa. Ross is the last one up and he votes to evict James. By a vote of 2-1 James is the second celeb to leave the house tonight. Maybe now that he’s out he and Brandi can make nice behind the scenes. His quick exit should at least give her some comfort.

In his exit interview James is just thankful that he beat his nemesis (even though it was only by an hour). Julie announces that on Sunday night, the final four will participate in the final HOH competition where the winner will evict two houseguests and essentially choose who will sit next to them to become the final two candidates that the jury will vote on.

We’re so close to the end here that every competition is going to matter. With only five players left, this could be anyone’s game. Personally I think Ross is a shoe-in for a win. He’s played a great personal and strategic game and has more friends than most of the players left in the house.