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Big Brother 21 Awards

Big Brother 21 Awards

Big Brother 21 Awards


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

It has all come down to this. Three houseguests are in the running but there can be only one winner of BB USA 21. Will it be Nicole, the teacher’s aide from Long Island? Could it be Jackson the bartender and server from Los Angeles? Will it be Holly, the wine safari guide also from Los Angeles? The finale is a mystery but what isn’t is our picks for this season’s Big Brother Awards. Agree? Disagree? Here are our picks.

The Susan Richards Award

: Named after The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four and awarded to the female Houseguest who had the least impact on the series.

Winner: Analyse Talavera and Nicole Anthony

Analyse didn’t have much of an impact on the game or the show, unless you count spelling Julie Chen Moonves’ name wrong, and Nicole was virtually ethereal, had the consistency of a Gelatinous Cube until the final few weeks.

The Claude Rains Award

: Named after H.G. Wells’ Invisible Man and awarded to the male HouseGuest who had the least impact on the series.

Winner: David Alexander

He wasn’t featured much on the show which is a shame because he appeared to be a strong competitor. I hope the producers give him another shot as he was never voted out of the game to begin with. #bringdavidback.

The Dr. Will Kirby Award

: Awarded to the best schemer.

Winners: Christie Murphy and Jackson Michie

Jackson and Christie’s personalities, behaviour and gameplay divided the fan base like a Survivor machete does a coconut. You either supported them or you didn’t. There was no middle ground to be had. What also cannot be denied is that both played a strong game. At one time or another, they had the house wrapped around their fingers and were influencing the gameplay decisions. Christie with her Taco Tuesday blow-up and Jackson with his lie, were the best plays of the season.

The Chima Simone Award

: Presented to the player who had the most dramatic breakdown.

Winner: Jackson Michie.

Although Isabella and Kemi did have their flip-out and Christie was often very emotional, Jackson truly does take the cake for his numerous heated and emotional breakdowns.

The Annie Whittington, Big Brother Saboteur Award

: In recognition of the worst twist this season.

Winner: Prank Week and the Chaos Power.

Except for America’s Prankster, Prank Week was about as funny as having a root canal and the power to force a re-draw for veto players is not really a game-changing power or twist.

The Rumble in the Jungle Award

: Awarded to the best fight or argument of the season.

Winner: Tommy Bracco and Jackson Michie

It was such a big deal and so fluid that Big Brother had to devote an entire episode to that day’s happenings and the continuing debate between Jackson and Tommy.

The Richard Blackwell Award

: Presented to the worst dressed HouseGuest.

Winners: Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg

Nothing says fashion forward than Cliff’s dad leisure attire or Nicole’s Disney Channel, Nick Jr. wardrobe.

The But first… Award

: Awarded to the most overused phrase of the season.

Winner: “Manifest”. Christie’s phrase for dreaming something into reality needs to be erased from all our memories by a Men in Black Neuralyzer.

The Best Showmance Award

Winners: Cliff Hogg and Orwell the Owl

Each and every one of this season’s showmances were cringe-worthy except the bond between Orwell the Owl and Cliff. Inseparable, they were truly meant for each other.

The Best Dressed Award

Winner: Kemi Fakunle and Holly Allen

Kemi’s outfits were polished, stylish and trendy. Holly had her moments as well but those pale yoga pants needed to be tossed over the wall.

Winner: Jackson, Week 8

Jackson assumed power in Week 8 with Christie as his target. His plan blew up in his face when the house decided to keep her and ditch Analyse who had a few choice words for Jackson for putting her in danger to begin with.

Worst Showmance

Winners: Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang

Doves were cooing and roses were blooming when they were both in the house. As soon as Bella left though Nick was all over Analyse and anyone else with a heartbeat.

The Lawon Exum Award

: Awarded to the worst player of the season.

Winners: The Big Brother USA 21 cast

For the second year in a row we nominate the entire cast as a whole because there are so many contenders. Jessica, Analyse and Sam barely had a clue. Isabella and Nick’s overall gameplay and strategy were horrendous. Cliff and Nicole bought Jackson’s lie. There is not enough bandwidth available to communicate fully the number of amateurish moves this season.

Big Brother MVP

Winner: Jackson Michie

Despite his social game needing some massaging, Jackson was a competition beast and not-too-shabby when it came to strategy either.

Best Alliance

Winners: Fellowship of the Zing and Holly, Jackson

None of them may have played perfect games, in fact it took some months to start playing the game at all, but the final four pairs remained loyal and true to each other no matter what.

Most Entertaining HouseGuest

Winner: Kathryn Dunn and Christie Murphy

Their quirky personalities and antics provided a lot of comic relief, whether intentional or not.

Worst Alliance

Winners: The Six Shooters

They completely fractured and despite Tommy’s best efforts never came back together.

Best Diary Room Sessions

Winner: Christie Murphy

Whether happy, sad or just delirious, she was always captivating.

Best Exit

Winner: David Alexander

Everyone will always remember his passionate speech and his raw emotion.

The finale of Big Brother airs on Wednesday, September 25th on Global.