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Big Brother 20 spoilers: The knives are coming out

Big Brother 20 spoilers: The knives are coming out

Big Brother 20 spoilers: The knives are coming out


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

As the number of houseguests dwindle, devoted allies are now turning on one another.

Catching wind of Brett’s scheme to go against Level 6, Tyler revealed all to Kaycee in the HoH room.

“He thinks I am with him,” smiled Tyler as he spoke about Brett.

Tyler warned Kaycee if Sam wins HoH she is definitely nominating her.

“Sam has a reason to put you up now,” said Tyler referring to Kaycee’s nominations as HoH this week.

Kaycee wondered who Sam would put beside her on the block.

“She would put up Angela. She doesn’t like Angela. Nobody likes Angela. Everyone wants Angela out,” said Tyler.

Tyler explained Brett’s targets would be the same as Sam’s are: Kaycee and Angela.

“It is on!” declared Kaycee.

“I am so pumped!” said Tyler.

“I am fired up!” said Kaycee.

“I am going to convince his ass that it is good for me and him to throw this thing and let Sam or JC win it,” said Tyler claiming that Brett has already talked about throwing the upcoming HoH.

“Dude, this is going to be perfect. It might work out this week that his ass is out of here,” laughed Kaycee.

“Worst case, Angela goes,” said Tyler.

Tyler told Kaycee he is going to convince Brett to throw the HoH and also throw the Veto so that someone can get Angela out instead. No blood on his hands and no gripes from the jury.

The real plan would be to backdoor Brett.

“Dude, that is perfect,” said Kaycee.

“He really thinks you will take in whatever the f–k he says. He is underestimating you,” Kaycee observed.

“That is what they ALL think and I love it,” replied Tyler.

What the houseguests don’t know is that tomorrow night’s episode is a double eviction.

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