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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Houseguests ready backdoor plan

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Houseguests ready backdoor plan

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Houseguests ready backdoor plan


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

What is left of the Level 6 alliance has a dastardly scheme up their sleeves.

Aiming to win the next HoH and Veto competitions, Angela, Tyler and Kaycee plan on backdooring Brett.

“Sorry, Brett we are two steps ahead,” said Angela to Kaycee on the live feeds as they pondered what to say to Brett when they nominate and evict him.

“Give Rockstar a hug for me,” continued Angela causing them both to laugh out loud.

“I cannot be there for this battle but I will be there for the next! We shall be victorious by the end of the day!” said Kaycee talking and marching around the HoH room like a general addressing her troops wearing her HoH robe.

Angela said she cannot wait to see JC’s face when Brett is evicted. He always seems to think he knows what’s going on in the house.

“I know he is freaking out right now because he cannot win competitions,” said Kaycee about JC.

Kaycee believes this week will determine whether the remaining Level 6 members will make it to the end of the game or not. Angela thinks she and Kaycee are the biggest targets left.

Tyler entered the HoH in hopes of getting away from Sam.

“I had to walk away from Sam, dude. She just talks and talks. I am trying to go over things in my head,” said Tyler of Sam interrupting his studying.

Coming in from the bathroom, Kaycee asked Tyler what was wrong.

“Sam is just talking and talking,” complained Tyler as he laid down on the couch, going over Big Brother facts in his head.

After minutes of silence Tyler spoke.

“We got this,” he said.

Kaycee reiterated the fact that she thinks today is the day that will solidify Level 6 dominating the finale.

“No f—–g mercy! Take him down!” proclaimed Kaycee.

“We shall fight! We shall fight until we cannot fight any more!” ordered General Kaycee as Angela and Tyler laughed and encouraged her to continue.

“Today is the day we conquer the Big Brother house! No f—–g mercy. He won’t see it coming.
This will be the best blindside of Big Brother 20,” said Kaycee.

“Hash tag: Blindside Brett,” laughed Angela.

Unbeknownst to the houseguests tonight will be a double eviction episode of Big Brother.

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