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Big Brother 20 Spoilers: New HoH Slid into Victory, Then into Confusion

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: New HoH Slid into Victory, Then into Confusion

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: New HoH Slid into Victory, Then into Confusion


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

While it wasn’t shown on the live eviction show, the Big Brother 20 house has a new HoH (Head of Household).

On the live feeds, Fessy (Faysal Shafaat) won the Glow and Flow HoH competition in 18 short minutes after the live show ended.

After the competition, Faysal and Haleigh Broucher had a meeting of the minds in the lounge.


They both agreed Scottie Salton was probably the one who voted for Rockstar (Angie Lantry) to stay and pondered calling him out on it.

“You trust Scottie. I don’t,” said Faysal when Haleigh began backtracking.

Faysal doesn’t think Kaycee Clark or Angela Rummans can win anything so it is not worth putting them on the block.

“I am not talking to anybody tonight. I don’t want to hear any b——t,” Faysal declared.

“Not even me?” asked Haleigh.

“We can talk,” said Faysal telling Haleigh he is going to make an announcement and say to everyone if they want to talk to him about nominations to wake him up in the morning. Nominations are usually Saturdays in the Big Brother house.

When Haleigh asked him who does he want out, he answered one of the boys.

“Which one” asked Haleigh?

“Any one,” said Faysal.


Faysal insisted again he isn’t concerned about Kaycee or Angela because he knows where their votes lie every week.

Faysal pondered nominating Tyler Crispen and Brett Robinson.

“I don’t know how close you are with Brett, Tyler or Scottie in comparison to me,” said Faysal.

“Are you kidding me? Are you joking?” snapped Haleigh.

“Okay, that is the response I wanted. Are you done? I was testing you,” laughed Faysal.

“Are we not passed the point of testing each other? Because if that isn’t the case put me on the block,” said Haleigh.

Faysal mocked Haleigh for getting bent out of shape when during her HoH she said she couldn’t always trust him.

“I want you to put me on the block,” Haleigh demanded.

“Okay, I will. At least the other target will go home. No, you will go home because we cannot get our s—t straight,” chuckled Faysal.

Faysal summed up their game, trying not to laugh as he did so.

“So, let’s recap our three weeks. Angela wins HoH. We somehow both stay safe but we win Hacker and send Bayleigh [Dayton] home. Second week, we have to win HoH and we send Rockstar home. Third week, we win HoH…” recounted Faysal but couldn’t stop himself from laughing and trailed off.


“We are so stupid but we are here,” he concluded.

Rockstar became the second member of the jury as she was voted out of the house on the live show. Scottie was the only vote for her to remain in the game.

“Because, I am fierce Julie!” Rockstar said to host Julie Chen when asked why she was evicted.

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