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Big Brother 19: Raven Walton Exit Interview: Inspired by Dr. Will Kirby

Big Brother 19: Raven Walton Exit Interview: Inspired by Dr. Will Kirby

Big Brother 19: Raven Walton Exit Interview: Inspired by Dr. Will Kirby


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Nevermore will she get called to the Diary Room. Nevermore will she be told to change her microphone batteries. Nevermore will she hang out in the hammock with Matt Clines.

Although her chance at winning the half-million-dollar grand prize is over, Raven Walton says she modeled her game after Big Brother legend and season 2 winner, Dr. Will Kirby.

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“My argument (to the jury) would have been that I played a great social game. Everyone liked me. Honestly, the one person I didn’t work well with was like a little squirrel running from room to room trying to get information. I didn’t get much blood on my hands; which was my strategy. I was going for a Will Kirby. He didn’t win a single HoH [Head of Household]; which was how he avoided getting blood on his hands. My strategy was to play the best social game, so that everyone would like me and in the end, it would be hard for them not to vote for me,” she said.

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Throughout the game, Raven considered Paul Abrahamian her “ride or die” and would never have betrayed him as she credits him with helping her make it as far as she did. She would have even taken him to the final two knowing all the while that he would win.

“I could never have found it in my moral compass to eliminate Paul. I would have loved to make the final two with him, even though I think he would have went over me, I still would have picked him to be in the final two with me. There’s no way I could have been convinced to get my friend out. Friendship all the way,” she proclaimed.

Raven rates Paul’s game as the best since he is a returnee and has never been nominated for eviction. She doesn’t have many kind words or praise for Kevin Schlehuber though.

“In terms of who’s playing the worst game, I’d say Kevin. He lies. He gets caught up in his lies and changes his story. He totally admitted that he wanted the $25,000; which wasn’t smart at all. I think he’s playing the worst game of all the players left in the house,” she said.

Whether it be her having Gastroparesis, needing stitches in her foot or just feeling unwell, fans, especially live feeders, have accused Raven of using those conditions to gain sympathy and manipulate her fellow Houseguests. Raven denies that ever was her intention.

“No, I wasn’t going into the house trying to play the sympathy card. I went into the house with the intention of educating people on Gastroparesis. I had a story to tell and wasn’t going to be quiet about it. I went into the house with the goal of spreading awareness about my disease but not using it to gain sympathy. I told people not to treat me any differently … even though I have this disease and a pacemaker. I wanted them to treat me like a regular game player and they did,” she said emphatically.

Having been a Big Brother fan since she was little, Raven says it was a dream to participate this season and that the competitions were her favourite part of her stay.

“It’s hard to describe the adrenaline and the rush you get. You’re on live television and you’re in a competition. I mean, I got to do The Wall competition! Shut the Front Door and lock it! That’s a Big Brother legend. To experience the Big Brother competition is numbing,” said a grateful Raven.

What does the future hold for Raven and her showmance Matt? Raven isn’t sure but she has strong feelings for him especially since they connected on a whole other level in the house being together for 72 days.

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“He is genuinely a great man and has a heart of gold. We definitely can’t wait to continue to see each other outside of the house. Everyone will have to stay tuned to see what happens with Maven, but I have a good feeling about it,” she said.

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