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Big Brother 19: Jason Dent Exit Interview: “Christmas Will Never Forgive Me”

Big Brother 19: Jason Dent Exit Interview: “Christmas Will Never Forgive Me”

Big Brother 19: Jason Dent Exit Interview: “Christmas Will Never Forgive Me”


By: John Powell – GlobalTV.com

To this rodeo clown, eviction night was no laughing matter. Jason Dent became the fifth member of the jury after a devastating and merciless blindside on last night’s Big Brother 19 double eviction episode.

Despite how things went down and how he went out of the game, Jason still believes that Paul Abrahamian is the best player this season.

“I would say Paul is playing the best game because he’s been doing it solo. He talks to everyone and doesn’t seem to have a ride or die, even though, I personally believe that he does,” he said picking Cody Nickson as the worst player because he “just destroyed every person that he talked to.”

According to Jason, Paul owes a lot to his allies, namely himself and Alex for much of his success this year. Without them, he would never have gotten as far as he has.

“I honestly felt like he’s the biggest target so he should really have a lot of gratitude for Alex and myself for even wanting to associate with him. I thought it would be better for me and Alex if we pulled through,” he said.

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Now a member of the jury that will decide the winner of Big Brother, Jason has only one question for Cody in the jury house.

“I just want to know if he’s really from Iowa. If he is, sweet, we have a lot to talk about. If he’s not, we have a lot to talk about,” said Jason.

For the record, Cody’s home hometown is Lake Mills, Iowa.

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If he had stayed in the game, Jason maintains his dream final three would have been Paul, Alex Ow and admits his biggest mistake was allowing his post-show plans to run his game. Instead of his mind being in the present, it was always pondering the future and his career after Big Brother 19.

While getting a message from his wife that she was pregnant with their second child will always be his favourite moment in the house, Christmas Abbott breaking her foot may go down as his very worst. Although it was an accident, Jason doesn’t believe Christmas will ever forgive him for what happened that morning.

“Even though it was an accident and it wasn’t my fault, I was involved. She’s an athlete and her body pays her and I broke that, so she’s definitely going to hold it against me for the rest of our lives,” he said.

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