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And the evicted houseguest is…

And the evicted houseguest is…

And the evicted houseguest is…

Julie Chen Moonves. Photo Courtesy: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Taylor is in the final three.

Taylor is this week’s Head of Household and therefore has secured her place on finale night.

Alyssa joined the jury as Head of Household Monte had to break a tie and vote her out of the house.

Alyssa’s friend Turner voted to evict her while Brittany voted for Alyssa to stay.

“I love and respect the both of you and I am going to do what’s best for my game to make sure I am in the best position to stay next week. Alyssa, I am sorry but I vote to evict you,” said Monte as he sent Alyssa to the jury house.

With tears brimming, Alyssa spoke about her disappointment in Turner.

“At the end of the day, Turner was giving me a bit of a weird vibe. I really thought he would pull through and be a good friend but he did make comments like friendship is separate from game so I did have a little bit of doubt,” Alyssa told host Julie Chen Moonves.

Programming Note: This week, Big Brother will air at 8:30 ET on Sunday night and will not air next Wednesday. Thursday’s live eviction episode will air at its regular time.