Young and Rest-ed: Daniel Goddard on keeping fit

Young and Rest-ed: Daniel Goddard on keeping fit
The Young And The Restless' Daniel Goddard attends the 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival in 2013. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

Few actors can compete with Daniel Goddard’s physique. He’s sported enviable abs since his years as the Beastmaster and his body remains a top commodity on The Young and the Restless. But vanity and keeping up appearances are not Goddard’s prime inspiration. Now in his 40s, the soap hunk has two very important motivators at home.

“I’m still on the quest to maintain my fitness,” he shares. “To me, it’s a lifelong quest, and it’s about being healthy, because I have kids now. I got a physical the end of last year. It’s one of those things: You realize everything you do to your body has long term effects.”

After all these years, working out can sometimes be a bore. Goddard has to shake up his routine and sometimes relies on straight up distraction.

“I oscillate between what I find entertaining and not so entertaining,” he admits. “I like to do something that gives a health benefit and I also find interesting. Like, I watch Netflix movies while riding the stationary bike, after I lift [weights]. I’ll bring my phone and put on the Netflix: Next thing you know, it’s been an hour. My butt is numb — Those bike seats are not good for men! – but it’s done.”

Goddard has also gotten back into skiing, which is as much sport as play.

“I went skiing in Mammoth in February for the first time in 20 years,” he says. “I skied from the time I could walk until I was about 22. I’ve always loved it, but when I got [to the U.S.], I didn’t want to spend money on anything that would take away from my ability to survive. I’ve finally started again.”

Getting back on the slopes was almost as easy as getting back on the proverbial bike, except for the fact that the sport has seen some changes over the last 20 years.

“I used to ski on straight skis: Now they’re all parabolic,” he explains. “The shape’s different, the ski turns differently. It was interesting, but it didn’t take long to pick it up.”

Ski boots have also changed over the last 20 years, and Goddard reveals he got a lot of flack for going retro on the slopes instead of renting a pair.

“Back in Australia, I had front entry race boots, as well as rear entry boots for comfort. I brought the rear entries with me and they’ve been with me for 20 years, so I took them to the mountain,” he recounts. “The guy at the ski demo place laughed at me. I said, ‘Don’t laugh. You’re going to find at least five people on the mountain with rear entries.’ He said, ‘No, no you’re not!’ That was the joke of the day among the people I was skiing with, ‘Daniel and his rear entry boots.’ That’s fine. I’ll make up for it with the pair I get next!”

Yes, he’s got his eye on that next pair, as well as some rocking new skis. Ever the frugal guy, however, he’s going to wait till the end of the season to make the splurge, “because everything goes down half prices.”

Goddard clearly knows how to break a sweat and get the most of it, but there is one place his health regimen falls very short.

“I don’t sleep enough,” he admits. “The way I see it, sleep takes time I could use to do all things I want to get done. I’ve made a vow to get seven hours. I was doing 4 to 5, for years. It was burning me down.”

He didn’t realize it, but his lack of zzzzz’s was even showing on screen. “Someone wrote on a message board, ‘Looks like Cane is having too much caffeine and not enough sleep,'” he recalls. “Oh wow! It was true.”

Hm, guess you could say that these days, Goddard is doing what he can to stay Young and Rest-ed!

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