Watch Kate Linder’s all time favourite Y&R scenes

Watch Kate Linder’s all time favourite Y&R scenes
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The Young and the Restless star Kate Linder shared her favourite scenes from the set since she joined the cast in 1982 – including a couple of kidnappings, the house getting split down the middle and reversing roles with Katherine Chancellor…

Kate is born

“One of my very favourite scenes was giving birth to my daughter, who’s real name is Kate but they changed it to Chloe, because she was embarrassed about me and she didn’t want anyone to know her mother was the maid. That was amazing and I’ll never forget that night, because we went really late and it was supposed to be in a storm, and there’s the whole crew standing around and there I am giving birth in the middle of a storm on the stairs. And Mrs. Chancellor delivered her so that’s why she was named after Mrs. Chancellor of course.”

Mrs. Chancellor and Mr. Sterling are the maid and butler for a day

“Then there was that time I answered an ad in singles magazine and lied and said I was the lady of the house. So then this guy came. And I had to get Mrs. Chancellor and Mr. Sterling – who was her husband at the time – to pretend to be the maid and the butler. I loved that. That was so much fun. Of then he turned out to be a jerk and then he ended up killing Mr. Sterling. It was not a good thing – not a good thing at all.”

Two kidnappings

“Then of course being kidnapped! We were kidnapped twice.

The first time is when Jeanne was playing two characters. She was Mrs. Chancellor and she was also this character named Marge who worked in a diner. And so there was this whole thing to try to get this woman to take over Mrs. Chancellor’s life, so they had to try and kidnap her and of course I was in the way so they had to take me with her.

Then the second time this was over another man, who I feel for and her turned out to be a bad guy. I was looking for Mrs. Chancellor and they had kidnapped her and I got involved too. Then the place blew up. It was great.”

“Recently we just had a scene between Jill and I that was the anniversary’s of Delia passing away. It was a beautiful scene, it was a hard scene. It was one my favourite scenes.

Ester was talking about how she got a new pinkerton because the old one’s gone. And Jill says “Oh for God’s sake Esther, forget it, that pinkerton is gone, it’s disintegrated, it’s in the ground.” And then she see what that did to Esther. Jill saw her face and she saw what that did to Esther and she hugged Esther and started crying. Jess Walton is fabulous and I love working with her.

So there are those glimmers when Jill does actually have a heart, you wouldn’t think she would, but she does and she feels bad sometimes. But then again, she’ll still call her names, a chihuahua, or whatever else she likes to call her.”

Esther catches Jill and Colin going at it

“Esther recently came in and saw Jill and Colin going at it on the couch and freaked out. She had her duster and was trying to hide behind it. She goes “don’t you ever knock?” and Esther says “What are you doing, don’t you know about bedrooms? There are bedrooms in the house”.

The house gets split down the middle

“When Mrs. Chancellor and Jill had to split the house down the middle. That was great! There was basically a line down the house.”

Esther becomes a bag lady

“One day years and years and years ago, it said it in the script ‘Esther becomes and bag lady’ and I said ‘what??!’. And I was trying to get these pictures of Jack that were taken. There was a whole ransom thing going on about these pictures and trying to sell them.

Esther has a brother that people don’t really remember and he was a bad guy too. So Esther was trying to get these pictures and dressed up as a bag lady to try and get him out of the park.”

Esther discovers Chloe is her daughter

“The time that I found out that Chloe was really my daughter. She came to the house and I didn’t realize it was her, and I was carrying this tray of champagne glasses. I think it was Billy at the time and all I knew was that he was bringing this woman in and we were going to have a champagne toast. And I see her and I realize it’s my daughter and I go ‘Kate?! Katie?!’ and I drop the tray. That of course had to be done in one take and never forgot because it was on a Friday – and that was great, a favourite scene, when everybody knew that she was Ester’s daughter. The audience had asked for it so often. People would write letters asking “where’s Esther’s daughter? Where’s Esther’s daughter ?” and finally they did that.”

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