Top drunken, brutal, mysterious and volcanic deaths of Y&R

Top drunken, brutal, mysterious and volcanic deaths of Y&R

The Young and the Restless has been on the air for over 40 years. In that time, over 120 characters have perished, or at least, appeared to have perished. Here are just a few of them.


Delia Abbott (portrayed by Sophie Pollono) 

After stopping to get some ice cream, Billy left her alone in the car with her new puppy. While he was gone, the puppy escaped from the car and Delia chased after it. That’s when Adam Newman happened to be driving along and swerved to avoid the puppy in the road, not realizing he’d hit Delia.


Drucilla Winters (Portrayed by Victoria Rowell)

Neil’s wife, presumed dead after falling off a cliff while Phyllis and Sharon were fighting near its edge. Drucilla was sent flying into the raging river below, while Sharon grasped to the edge, but eventually fell too. Sharon survived, while Drucilla was washed her away. However, a body was never found.


Cassie Newman (Portrayed by Camryn Grimes)

Nick and Sharon’s daughter Cassie (her biological father Frank Barritt) died following a car crash. But now we’ve all found out that she’s survived by her identical (possibly evil) twin, Mariah.


John Abbott (Portrayed by Jerry Douglas) 

The longtime patriarch of the Abbott clan passed after suffering a massive stroke that left him unable to breath on his own. Since his passing, he’s occasionally appeared as an apparition to his son, Jack.



Phillip Chancellor II (Portrayed by Donnelly Rhodes) 

After he wanted to break it off with his wife, Katherine Chancellor, she got drunk and was driving him home. After begging him to take her back, he refused and then intentionally drove off a cliff. Only Katherine survived.




Rickey Williams (Portrayed by Peter Porte) 

Rickey had kidnapped Eden and was holding her hostage with a large knife. Rickey’s father, Paul, had busted in to try to stop him but he wouldn’t put it down. As soon as Rickey made a motion to hurt Eden, Paul had no choice but to shoot his own son, which caused Rickey to fall out the window.


Skye Lockhart Newman (Portrayed by Laura Stone) 

Although she faked her death twice, once with the help of Adam Newman, the other time to frame Adam Newman, she met her final demise when she fell into a volcano on a Hawaiian island. No faking that!

Juliana McCarthy

Liz Foster (Portrayed by Julianna McCarthy)

After returning home with her son, Snapper, to visit her daughter, Jill, she had collapsed on the plane and was rushed to hospital. Some years ago she had brain cancer, and it had now returned. On her death bed she told Snapper that Jill was in fact adopted.


Rex Sterling (Portrayed by Quinn Redeker) 

Rex Sterling died while he was living with Katherine Chancellor. Norman Peterson started to date Esther Valentine and was trying to get his hands on Katherine’s money. Eventually Norman just broke into their house, but Rex caught him and was shot and killed to keep him quiet.


Matt Clark (Portrayed by Rick Hearst) 

Matt Clarke “died” twice, and both times, were in response to him raping Sharon. The first time one of his victims shot him, but Nick arrived after she’d left. After Matt showed up again, he was hospitalized after being hit by a car and pulled out his breathing tube knowing Nick would arrive.


Zapato the dog 

Zapato was a yellow Labrador Retriever adopted by Victor Newman. Patty Williams poisoned Zapato after he had chewed up a stuffed animal of hers.




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