Peter Bergman reveals Phyllis Newman will return to Y&R

Peter Bergman reveals Phyllis Newman will return to Y&R

Peter Bergman, who has played Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless for a scant 33 years, has given us a strong hint into a future story involving his character that could possibly result in Michelle Stafford’s return to the show as Phyllis.

In an interview with Soap Opera Network, Bergman was asked what was coming down the story pipeline and said, “Story wise, it just keeps coming for me. I’m very, very lucky. Phyllis is going to get better one day.”

On the show, Jack is engaged to Phyllis, but she is currently in a prolonged vegetative state in an institution in Georgia. Last year she suffered a nasty fall after fighting with Sharon at the top of a flight of stairs. Phyllis was enraged after she found out that Sharon had falsified the results of Jack’s and Nick’s paternity tests to show that Summer was Jack’s daughter, and not Nick’s. Despite the brain injury, Phyllis may be the only person left who knows that secret, ever since Sharon got amnesia from her recent electro-shock therapy. At the same time, Jack may be having feelings for a new arrival in Genoa City, Kelly, who was recently recast with long-time Peter Bergman friend and colleague Cady McClain from All My Children.

As for when Phyllis will be coming back, Bergman said, “That’s around the corner.” Which sounds soon, right?

But who will play Phyllis?

Michelle Stafford, who played Phyllis for 15 years, left in the summer of 2013 to work on her web series, The Stafford Project. At the time, she said she would “never say never” to the idea of coming back to the show, but did support a recast if the show felt it necessary.

But do you think you could accept a new Phyllis after all of those years with Michelle Stafford embodying the charter? Can anyone really replace her?

Bergman had some wise words about replacement actors – although he was referring specifically to the idea of a recast for Adam Newman after Michael Muhney left the show scandalized with sexual harassment claims against him  – Bergman said:

“I don’t have a vote in any of this [recasting business], but I will say I am a replacement. And here we are, 25 years later; sometimes replacements work!”

Do you want to see Jack and Phyllis back together again? Does it HAVE to be Michelle Stafford? Doesn’t Peter Bergman always come across as the classiest, friendliest guy?


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