11 amazing facts about Doug Davidson that might surprise you

11 amazing facts about Doug Davidson that might surprise you

Everyone loves Doug Davidson. But he’s more than just a handsome and charming guy who plays Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless. Let’s get to know him a little better:

1/ He’s a Scorpio-horse

Zodiac - horse and scorpion

In the Western star-based zodiac, he is a Scorpio, but in the Chinese moon-based zodiac, he is a horse. That makes him a Scorpio-Horse. According to this horoscope site, “A Scorpio Horse personality is not a believer in set rules for all and often tries to be different in life in any way that he or she can.” I believe that! And the facts below definitely prove that statement to be correct.

2/ Rockstar Rick Springfield is his super BFF

Doug Davidson and Rick Springfield
They’re just like us! Doug Davidson and Rick Springfield enjoy some wine. Photo by rickspringfielddoc.com

They met when they attended the same acting class. Their friendship is deep and lasting to the point of being like family. Rick was an usher at his wedding! Sometimes they even perform together… and sometimes they just drink large glasses of wine.

3/ He has a brown belt in karate

Doug Davidson brown belt
Doug Davidson chopping wood, karate style. Courtesy of his Twitter

I have never done karate but I’m going to assume first-degree brown belt is the highest ranking there is. Hmm, this feels like something I could google… Nah.

In all seriousness, Doug Davidson has trained hard in the martial arts and would easily whoop me in a fight. I tried to find a picture that showed him in a brown belt chopping wood with his hand, but I was unsuccessful. So I made one. Please don’t beat me up, Doug Davidson. Instead just send me a picture of you in a brown belt chopping wood with your hand.


4/ He’s the longest serving cast member on Y&R

He is the longest serving living cast member of the Young and the Restless having been there since 1978, and is credited with more episodes on iMDB than anyone else with over 2500 entries.

5/ Jeanne Cooper was his acting mentor

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.57.41 AM

The late great Jeanne Cooper touched so many lives, and with her guidance, Doug Davidson was able to hone his character and acting chops into the Paul Williams we know and love today. After she died, a commemorative plaque was made for her dressing room. Poignant, isn’t it? Doug Davidson shared it with the world via Twitter. Her door was always open to him, and the world knows he is forever grateful.

6/ He is married to actress Cindy Fisher

Doug Davidson - wife

Cindy and Doug met on the set of Y&R in 1980. She has portrayed the characters Rebecca and Dana on the show. These guys seem like they’re the best! Dogs at their weddings! I love it! The wedding was held in 1984. Remember how I said Rick Springfield was an usher at the wedding? That means he was probably the one who told the dog where to sit. There came two children of this union, a daughter, Calyssa, and son, Caden. Beautiful!

7/ He can play the bagpipes!

8/ He loves the water

Doug Davidson - bathing suit

The man appreciates water. With a major in Marine Biology from Occidental College, he also scuba dives and water skis.  But for OUR appreciation, here is the man in a bathing suit. Check out more Y&R beach bods here.

9/ His middle name is Donald


Ordinarily, having the middle name Donald is no big deal. But it becomes special when your other two names start with a D! Guys, Doug Davidson’s initials are DDD, so he always appears in 3D!

10/ He has TWO daytime Emmys

Emmy - Doug Davidson
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Doug Davidson won Outstanding Actor in a Dramatic Series in both 2003 and 2013! Boom!

11/ He was the host of The New Price is Right

In 1994, the [old] Price is Right decided to attempt a break-out of the daytime slot. Remember, the show’s host, Bob Barker would have been 70 at the time and you have to think about the future of the franchise. The New Price is Right was sleeker, looser and younger, hosted by the attractive personality of Doug Davidson. A leading man from daytime drama for a game show at night. The games were the same but sadly the iconic trumpet driven theme, masterfully composed by Edd Kalehoff, was replaced with a version featuring the ubiquitous 1990’s saxaphone.  The 5-night-a-week syndicated game show was off the air within 6 months. Too bad. For most it became a faded memory, but through the magic of internet, we can relive some of those moments.

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