Vice President Biden’s first interview since the election: The Late Show

Vice President Biden’s first interview since the election: The Late Show
Stephen gets the privilege to be the first to interview his Buddy Joe Biden since the American election in November.

The much anticipated return of Vice President Joe Biden to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has come. Many remember his heartfelt convo with Stephen last year during the very first week of The Late Showand how he and Stephen got along famously as they bore their souls to each other and the audience (and Stephen grilled him to announce his intentions to run for president… but there’s no sense in dwelling on what could have been).

To kick off what was sure to be another hefty night full of deep personal and political talks, Biden and Colbert dress in their finest sweaters to sit America down for a fatherly family meeting, which results in Biden getting as irate as Joe Biden could get, and slipping out a nasty cuss:

Joe Biden’s visit to The Late Show also happens to be the first television interview he’s done since the 2016 American election – and so, he reveals for the first time publicly, what the evening of November 8 was like for him:


Biden went on to talk at length about many important things – cancer research, bi-partisan politics, the Trump administration – but what really came through is that he knows America, and he knows the American people. That, and Stephen won’t drop the whole “Biden for President” thing.


Oh, and you know that basketball game that Stephen keeps talking about, where he and Jon Batiste take on Biden and Obama? Well, it’s on:

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