Top ten moments of the week: Sept. 28-Oct. 2

Top ten moments of the week: Sept. 28-Oct. 2

The weeks keep piling up like rush hour traffic after the combination of off-season tires and a patch of black ice. But in the good way! In case you went to bed early this week just to get under the covers and away from the cold, here are the highlights of the week!

10. Michelle Obama’s kindergarten photo
Stephen dug up this photo when the first lady came by for a visit on Monday. Cute!

9. Adopt a Marco Rubio staffer
Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has an option on his website to “adopt a staffer” for $250 USD. In the style of an infomercial asking for charitable donations, Stephen pleads with the audience to reach into their wallets – and their hearts – for these down-on-their-luck interns.

8. John Oliver flips off Stephen Colbert (after Stephen Colbert flips off John Oliver)
These two. Watching John Oliver on the show was like watching old buddies at the pub catch up after having not seen each other in a long time. The joke, they jab, and they make rude hand gestures. All fun and games, of course.

7. Bill Withers’ penchant for judge shows and curmudgeons
“Shut up, get out of my room” has to be the quote of the week. That’s what Bill Withers does to keep his aggravation levels down – he tells it to shut up, and get out of his room. He’s come to terms with his curmudgeonity, and sees a kindred spirit in Judge Judy for it.

6. Morgan Freeman shares his experience auditioning for… Morgan Freeman.
As executive producer of the show Madam Secretary, Morgan Freeman makes all the calls. That means when Morgan Freeman wants a role, Morgan Freeman gets the role (though, swell guy that he is, he still goes through the tedious audition process).

5. Stephen’s new “Who Am Me?” segment
Stephen has decided to do some soul searching, and everyone’s invited along for the ride. In the first volume of this segment, he went to get professionally tested for his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. He got INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception), sharing the same personality type with Johnny Depp, Jim Henson, Jim Morrison, and Frodo Baggins.

4. Surprise guest Tom Hanks!
In the second installment of “Big questions with even bigger stars,” Tom Hanks lay down on the tartan picnic blanket to talk about the important things, like using time travel to cradle yourself as a baby, and the spooky skeleton inside us all. And we didn’t even know he was coming!

3. The joke that didn’t have to be made
“Just be you” is Michelle Obama’s advice to potential first gentleman Bill Clinton. “I think he does,” Stephen added. If you know anything at all about Bill Clinton, nothing more needs to be said.

2. The first Canadian guest
Ellen Page was on the show Tuesday. To our dismay, she wasn’t acknowledged as the first Canadian guest, though her Canadian-ness was brought up and praised! Way to go Ellen (and awesome high-five, by the way)!

1. Stephen addresses the Oregon shooting
Stephen handles the tragedy the best possible way a late night talk show host could. See for yourself; Stephen truly is the classiest host on television.

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