Top ten moments of the week: Nov. 9-13

Top ten moments of the week: Nov. 9-13

The weeks just keep piling up – is anyone counting anymore? With another one down, that means that we’ve got another top ten list for you! Best of the week, coming right up!
10. Stephen learns to tap… again!
Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley took the time to teach Stephen a bit of an Irish step!

9. Candy Crush: The Movie
In a fake scene from a fake movie (starring surprise guest Liam Neeson), Stephen gets the chance to make many, many jokes that revolve around gaming and sweets.

8. Aziz Ansari’s dad
Aziz brought his Master of None co-star to the interview, who also happens to be his father!

7. Stephen’s midnight confessions
Good Catholic he is, Stephen wants to go to confession, but just hasn’t the time (running a daily show is time consuming!). So, obviously, he goes on national television to share his misdeeds.

6. Bassoonery with Rainn Wilson
Surprise guest bassoon player Rainn Wilson crashed The Late Show on Monday. Funny as ever, he unfortunately turned out to be a not-great bassoonist.

5. Bruce and Lucy’s war stories
These two are vets of action/sci-fi-/fantasy TV and film – which means they are vets of getting hurt doing stunts (or through fake gore mishaps).

4. The important question to ask Mark Ruffalo
Stephen had the good manners to ask Mark Ruffalo what everyone else wants to know.

3. The big furry hat returns!
Yet again, Stephen placed upon his head a very large, very furry hat that endows him with the power to make “lasting” social decrees – but this time he is interrupted by John Cleese, who has his own big furry decrees!

2. Bruce Campbell play Stephen Colbert
They sort of look like each other, but either way, this was a super fun bit:

1. Senators Claire McCaskill and Amy Klobuchar
These two wonderful and tough senators (of 20 women senators, out of 100 seats) were not only charming, but also their unity and teamwork invokes a sense of hope!

The math seems to be good here, so that’s all for this week! Tune in on Monday for another great week of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, airing 11.35 et/pt on Global!


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