Top ten best moments of Stephen’s first week

Top ten best moments of Stephen’s first week

What a first week! A vice president, a horror legend, a CEO who might be a time traveller from the future or space (or both), two of Hollywood’s hottest stars and one hilarious comedian are just a few of the guests Stephen Colbert had for his first week of his new version of The Late Show. And, in classic Late Show style, we’ve got a top ten list for you: top ten best moments of Stephen Colbert’s first week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Number 10 – The big furry hat

Stephen plays Genghis Khan, dawns an enormous traditional Mongolian hat, and becomes “endowed with unconditional power.” He then proceeds to make absurd decrees, which “are now forever law.”

Number 9 – Stephen’s amazing whistle solo

Paul Simon showed up to play “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” – and Stephen got to rock the whistle solo!

Number 8 – Jeb!

Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush mentions that one of his campaign slogans was simply “Jeb!” – which excites Stephen into barking “Jeb!” throughout the rest of the interview. And again on Friday’s show. 

Number 7 – Stephen King gets the last laugh

Critics panned King when he started out, but he has a “healthy” perspective on it – they’re all dead now!

Number 6 – A lot of the Late Show crew are NFL all-stars


We (including Stephen) were surprised to find out that a lot of his crew positions were filled by football greats, like retired quarterback Joe Theissman doing a sloppy job manning the camera, former Steeler Franco Harris catching falling instruments, Bears legend Richard Dent in charge of Stephen’s wardrobe, Hall of Famer Jim Brown sitting in the audience “warming them up” (by intimidating attendees into laughing), and legendary coach Bill Cowher providing unneeded pep talks.

Number 5 – Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars, with Scarlett Johansson

Reminiscent of Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts skit that frequently popped up on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, Stephen asks Scarlett some peculiar questions that you, too, should dwell on.

Number 4 – The heartfelt and open conversation between Stephen and vice president Joe Biden


When Joe Biden sat down at Stephen’s desk, things got real. Opening up about the recent passing of his son Beau, he and Stephen shared a warm and empathetic moment about grief and loss. It was a very humanizing moment for the vice president, and for Stephen Colbert as well (who lost his father and two brothers when he was young) – and served as the key moment where he shed any lingering remains in our mind of his former satirical persona that he has been intensely associated with for the past ten years.

Number 3 – Jonathan Batiste’s melodica 


That guy really knows how to rock that thing – ‘Nuff said!

Number 2 – Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars 

As a way to terraform the red planet, the Tesla CEO suggested that the easiest way to make Mars habitable for future generations is to detonate nuclear bombs on the north and south poles. You know, just to warm it up a bit. Super villain, indeed.

Number 1 – Stephen Colbert’s first week on The Late Show! 


That’s right, the best moment of the week was all of it! The fact that he’s successfully completed a four-day week makes us extremely proud! We laughed, we cried, we got up and ran to the bathroom real quick during the commercial break. The pressure is on for next week, when he’ll have to climb the laborious mountain that is the dreaded five-day week! Good luck Stephen, we’re all rooting for you!


Be sure to tune in next week for Monday’s show, airing 11:35 et/pt on Global!



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