Top Colbert segments we hope make a comeback

Top Colbert segments we hope make a comeback

Stephen has been rolling out the special segments on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert faster than you can say “it floats.” Unfortunately for us, the very loyal and maybe just a little bit dangerously obsessive viewers, few segments have made a return. Here are the ones that we’re hoping to see a lot more in the coming weeks and months and, dare we say, years!

Big furry hat

As the large, Genghis Khan-ian headwear descends from the rafters, Stephen declares his total authority, and begins making decrees that shall be upheld. Most of what he spouts during his Mongolian-clad power trip is a demand to dissolve specific semantics and social contracts. But, hey, he makes some valid points.

Trump or Colbert?

When Donald Trump was on the show, he was polite, well spoken and respectful. It’s safe to say that many of us were very disappointed. But he did humour Stephen and played a friendly game of “Trump or Colbert?” What are the rules? Well, Stephen reads an absurd, arrogant and uninformed quote, and Donald has to guess who said it: the self-involved, obtuse, backwards-thinking Colbert Report character, or… Donald Trump. With the exception of the trick question (where Stephen provided a quote from Charles Manson), Trump got a perfect score, which begs the question: self-obsessed, or Stephen-obsessed (probably self-obsessed)? While it’s unlikely the Donald will make a return appearance, “Trump or Colbert?” has an inclusive vibe to it, so anyone can play.

Who am me?

Buckle up, because this is where Stephen gets even more self involved – as though a show named after Stephen, focuses on Stephen and rarely takes the camera off Stephen doesn’t pay Stephen’s ego enough respect. But this one is in response to the response of Stephen being the Stephen he is now and not some other Stephen he once was, and Stephen finding his current Stephen through channeling his inner Stephen. Confused yet? The segment won’t help with that, but it will help if you love Stephen as much as Stephen loves Stephen.

Big questions with even bigger stars

Yes, this segment returned earlier this week when Tom Hanks appeared unannounced on The Late Show. But it’s such a good one that it’s worth including. How it goes is that Stephen and his even bigger stars (which a bit ambiguous, actually – are the stars bigger than the big questions, or is there an unspoken “than Colbert” at the end of the title?) lie on a tartan blanket and stare at the stars, giving each other brain enemas through trading off quizzical queries and perplexing ponderings. These questions are the kind that are worth asking; none of that “dim the lights and turn up ‘Dark Side of the Moon’” sessions that the kids seem to be so fond of these days.

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