Tiffany Haddish On The Late Show: Her Emmy Win, Imaginary Friends, & Beard Appreciation

Tiffany Haddish On The Late Show: Her Emmy Win, Imaginary Friends, & Beard Appreciation

Mega movie star and comedian Tiffany Haddish dishes on her personal life, her career and her time at the 2018 Emmys on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Whether it’s because of her recent beef-squashing with Katt Williams, her recent Emmy win or one of her many upcoming films, you’ve probably been super saturated with Tiffany Haddish. All Haddish, all the time. And, obviously, you’ve been loving every moment of it. Who doesn’t want more of moments like this:

Pure Haddish. All Haddish, all the time (it’s going to catch on, just you wait) – and apparently has always been the full-force Tiffany Haddish that the world knows and loves today, every since high school. Who knew? Probably not her teachers.

Haddish has been featured in a lot of break-out comedies, like the recent Keanu and Girls Trip and the upcoming Night School, The Oath and Nobody’s Fool. That’s all in one year, which means she’s been super busy. Not a lot of time for a personal life, much less a dating life, but apparently Haddish gets by with her weighted blanket and other things.


So, if you haven’t been paying attention (like, seriously, pay more attention), Haddish recently won an Emmy for hosting Saturday Night Live last November (because of so many stand-out sketches, but come on, nothing tops Boo Boo Jeffries). If you missed the episode, do check it out – it was one of the best of the season and a well-deserved Emmy for Haddish. Oh, and not only was it her first time hosting Saturday Night Live and her first Emmy win, but also her first nomination. That’s impressive.

But Haddish doesn’t seem like a “celebrity’s celebrity”, she’s really more of a down-to-earth woman who gets to be funny in movies. That’s what makes her Emmy experience so fun and relatable: it’s what so many of us would do (but probably much funnier too, because she’s a unique talent that isn’t just found around the corner).


As for the Haddish/Colbert chemistry… while she’s not the first to point out her affection for the Colbeard (that’s Colbert’s beard that he’s been sporting the last month or so), she’s certainly been the most delightful about it. Warm or cold on the Colbeard, you can’t help but at least appreciate its existence, if not for anything other than that it brought about this moment:

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