Colbert Show: Jon Bon Jovi Teaches Colbert To Be A Rockstar

Colbert Show: Jon Bon Jovi Teaches Colbert To Be A Rockstar
Stephen Colbert | Jon Bon Jovi talks his 2018 tour, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and his social media woes.

Jon Bon Jovi brought a little rock and roll to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Ed Sullivan Theater (the latter of which he jokingly referred to as a “—-hole” under David Letterman’s Late Show reign).

Jon Bon Jovi (the man; not to be confused with Bon Jovi, the band, of which he is a member) has had a run-in with Colbert before, just not on The Late Show or “the old show,” as Colbert likes to refer to his previous program The Colbert Report. They met at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, at a table with the two of them, Sheryl Crowe, Richie Sambora (lead guitarist of Bon Jovi) and Stephen’s daughter. Jon Bon Jovi has also had some face time with Jon Batiste, and Jon Bon Jovi gave him some pretty crucial rock and roll advice.

The big news for JBJ (or J Beej to his friends (hopefully)) is that Bon Jovi will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year, joining the likes of other rock and roll legends, from The Beatles, to Chuck Berry, to The Rolling Stones.

This is a big step for Bon Jovi – and it’s about darn time! Bon Jovi has been making classic rock anthems for over thirty years now, and have shaped the world of rock and roll. Just think where we would be without “Dead or Alive” or “Livin’ On A Prayer” – or better yet, don’t think where we would be without songs like that, because it’s probably not a very nice place to think about. They’ve been eligible for almost ten years now – the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only considers potential inductees 25 years after their first commercial recording. They didn’t get the nod immediately, and it’s taken nine years to correct that mistake.

Jon Bon Jovi is grateful for the honour, and the support of all his fans who got him and the band to this spot – but he doesn’t know how to thank them directly. He’s just terrible at social media.

With all the things that could go wrong on Twitter and Instagram, Jon’s fumble isn’t so bad. Hey, you can’t rock and everything, right? Better for him that he’s a way better singer than he is a tweeter.

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