Stephen Colbert’s Live Presidential Debate Coverage: What You Need To Know

Stephen Colbert’s Live Presidential Debate Coverage: What You Need To Know

Stephen Colbert was perfectly on his game last night during the live presidential debate coverage episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  The evening’s earlier event, the 2016 USA Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was packed with drama, tension, comedy and absurdity – a veritable field of material ripe for harvesting by such a funny farmer as Stephen Colbert. Between insinuating Donald Trump is a murderer and calling Hillary Clinton “Preparation H,” Colbert was letting it all lose.

In fact, Colbert was on such a roll that he even slung some ‘sults in the direction of debate moderator and professional dad on family vacation, Lester Holt:

And it didn’t take long for Colbert, the vigorous fact checker he is, to spot some spotty claims. The American Presidential candidates said some flat out, bold faced lies… like Hillary Clinton saying “It’s good to be with you” to Donald Trump…

When it came down to it, Colbert focused more on Trump’s follies than he did Clinton’s. Some may accuse Colbert of holding a bias against the Republican GOP nominee. If anything, Colbert just has a bias for good material, so when it comes to pointing out and making jokes about absurd statements made by powerful politicians, Colbert has a bias for Trump.

Although he probably could have gone on all night, Colbert still had guests Rob Lowe and Kal Penn to interview; The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is a talk show, after all. Still, Colbert couldn’t help but get in a few final licks before kicking off the rest of his live from broadcast show.

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