Joking about Trump is easy; Hillary is harder

Joking about Trump is easy; Hillary is harder
Stephen Colbert Takes on Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia on The Late Show

Even though The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is decidedly and transparently Democratic, Colbert still puts Hillary Clinton in the spotlight for jokes and yuks – but the nice kind of jokes and yuks. It’s a bit of scraping the bottom of a barrel when there’s a perfectly good barrel with ridiculous hair spouting endless inflammatory remarks just a few feet away. However, over the weekend Clinton came down sick with pneumonia and disparaged a group of Trump supporters with a unique turn of phrase,  the “basket of deplorables”. Secretary Clinton may have a valid point and honestly, good on her for being creative with her imagery but Colbert however, wasn’t going to let that one slide.

During Colbert’s criticism of Clinton, he still managed to make a few more legitimate and serious digs at Republican 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump. He compared Clinton calling some of the American public xenophobic, homophobic, racist and misogynist to Trump infamously calling all Mexicans murderers and rapists.

Later in the show, Colbert couldn’t help but bring up the former secretary of state again when he heard she doesn’t drink enough water and claimed her campaign staff are too meek to suggest it to her.

As if it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Colbert then engages in an interview with a cartoon version of Clinton. The digs at Clinton are playful and harmless because there isn’t much else for a comedian to go on but be sure, Trump will be the center of attention when he offends an even larger demographic sometime later this week.

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