Barrage a Trois: The Late Show’s Live Debate Coverage

Barrage a Trois: The Late Show’s Live Debate Coverage

It’s the last very special debate episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (at least until four years from now when Canada’s southern neighbours go through the whole song-and-dance routine again), and Stephen comes out swinging. He’s come out as extremely anti-Trump more and more since his softball interview with the candidate on The Late Show last year – his jokes and commentary have taken on a quality that is just beyond that of typical late night President jocularity. It’s much more about panic and frustration now, and at this point, Colbert isn’t going to hold himself back.

Colbert’s coverage on this debate has the same shock-and-awe effect as the last one – wherein he could simply play some choice clips and that would be comedy and entertainment enough. But Stephen is a hard worker who takes pride in his work, and he owes it to himself and fans of The Late Show to deliver top quality… sock puppets:

So, he’s going to be as silly as he always is, regardless of what’s at stake. Would he really be Stephen Colbert if he wasn’t? Who else would have the audacity force Hugh Laurie into a pair of angel wings?

Laurie was a gracious guest – it’s not often that Stephen’s guest initially shy away from sharing their politics. It didn’t take much for him to give in to Stephen’s prodding to share his political opinion… and his medical one, as well (he’s not a doctor, but he does play one on TV):

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