Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Amy Schumer Really Isn’t Interested in Wedding Talk

Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Amy Schumer Really Isn’t Interested in Wedding Talk

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is back from a week off, and kicked things off with Amy Schumer, but before you get too excited, Amy made it clear she wanted to discuss anything but her personal life.

Yes, despite being on a talk show, Amy Schumer did all she could to steer the conversation away from her recent wedding. In fact, she blatantly lied about it, at first (hey, a lie of omission is still sort of a lie).

It didn’t end there… well, it didn’t start there, either – because she wouldn’t give much info. Stephen kept pressing, but Amy wasn’t budging.  Even Jennifer Lawrence spoke more on Amy Schumer’s wedding when she was on The Late Show. Schumer finally cracked… to reveal why she doesn’t want to talk about her recent nuptials (and takes a cheap shot at poor Madeleine Albright while she’s at it).

The non-stop questions finally took a toll on poor Amy Schumer when, which really made a impact when Stephen brought up the dieting. The mere thought of being deprived of either carbs or alcohol made Amy Schumer take a moment to gather herself, finding  comfort in the embrace of Stay Human band leader Jon Batiste.

After that scene, Stephen knew he had to move on… to the 24-hour news cycle. Now, it wasn’t all Trump-this, and Trump-that, but it was coded Trump-this and -that. Stephen, having just been on vacation, mentions that he unplugs his phone when he’s not doing the show. He drinks the Trump cocktail all day, four days a week (Friday’s show is filmed on Thursday, remember?), so he needs to detox himself back on the wagon out of crazyville. Amy Schumer admits to doing the same – but can’t escape it, due to the self-appointed newsies she seems to surround herself with. Everyone knows one of those guys, be it in your office, a close friend or even a fellow commuter, who blurts out the latest Trump tweet or other Presidential blunder, as though nobody else has push notifications on their phone.

And when it came to her new film, I Feel Pretty, Schumer was very talkative. Makes you wonder how her husband must feel about that?

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