Jon Stewart crashes The Late Show

Jon Stewart crashes The Late Show
If you can't do a spit take into an old friend's face, who can you spit take onto?

Last night on the special live broadcast of The Late Show with Stephen ColbertJon Stewart showed up to tell everyone to not, repeat not vote, and to give the audience members warm candy.

Colbert’s old Daily Show co-star broke into a sad, sad song on why someone doesn’t need to, or shouldn’t vote. But not for long, and when he found out exactly who was running for president – Donald Trump, obviously (like, where have you been, Jon Stewart?) – he did one heck of a spit take all over Stephen Colbert.

But Stewart got outdone. Star of Broadway’s Hamilton Javier Munoz charged in to save the day with a more convincing – and way cooler – song about the importance of voting. History really does have its eyes on you.


But, as a measure of good faith (and for those who possibly might not see through the humour of the situation), Colbert and Stewart finished with yet another song, denouncing Donald Trump and urging the American public to vote. Just, not for Trump.

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