Trump’s Military Parade, Mueller, & The Royal Wedding: John Oliver Sounds Off

Trump’s Military Parade, Mueller, & The Royal Wedding: John Oliver Sounds Off
John sounds off on Trump's military parade, Robert Mueller, and bashes The Royal Wedding

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed back to the show political satirist John Oliver to talk all things Trump.

If you aren’t familiar with John Oliver, he has a very similar career to Stephen Colbert. Both got their big start at The Daily Show – though at different times, as John Oliver didn’t start there until 2006, well after Stephen left to do The Colbert Report. John Oliver – or, as Stephen introduced him, “best known as the voice of Vanity Smurf” – is currently the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, a show similar to the aforementioned Daily Show but once a week instead of every day (and not even every week).

So if there’s a late-night runner up to Stephen Colbert on Trump’s “list,” it’s John Oliver. Like Colbert, Oliver goes after Donald Trump relentlessly, and very humourously – and he brought some of that with him to The Late Show.

The pair of former Daily Show corespondents  made a public plea to President Donald Trump. A little context, first: despite telling reporters he’d be willing to talk to FBI investigator Robert Mueller,  he’s recently backpeddled. You see, Robert Mueller is investigating Trump on charges of collusion and potential treason – among the most serious crimes in the United States that still carries the weight of the death penalty. Trump’s lawyers don’t want him to talk to Mueller under oath. Regardless of whether or not Trump is guilty, considering how often he fibs, bends facts or outright lies, he’s likely to at least perjure himself.

But if he never talks to Mueller, everyone will be left wondering, and without closure. So, the plea that Oliver and Colbert put forth to Trump? Talk to Mueller.

Will he? Won’t he? Who’s to say. But if anyone can convince Trump… well it won’t be these two, because he probably hates them. A lot.

But on a somewhat lighter note, Royal Wedding fever for the wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is sweeping many nations, including America. And being a Brit in America, John Oliver holds a rare situation of having insight, what with being from the country the Royal Family is from. Many English folk have pride in the Royals – they know they are mere figureheads at this point in history, but still respect the position and lineage. Not John Oliver. He has some choice words that… well… if the Queen were to hear them, the next-in-line might have to get ready sooner than you’d think.

Just like there’s no one more proud than an Englishman talking about his royal family, there’s also no one more surly than an Englishman talking about his royal family. John Oliver happens to be the latter.

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